Rain dreams represent what your feelings are looking for.

You are seeking healing and have a desire to recover by dreaming of rain on your own.

You are trying to purify your negative emotions with a rain dream.
Rain is a dream I have when I’m trying to recover myself.
You’re trying to get rid of the unpleasant dreams of rain.

A rain dream is a good dream in itself, no matter what happens in it.

When you have a dream related to rain, your worries will be resolved and your life will be better.

The dream of having a heavy rain and staying in the rain is that you have a desire to rest.

When you dream of rain, you should be aware that it is time for you to put up with it in the real world.

If in your dreams you feel comfortable with the rain, or if you feel good about the rain, then you are recovering yourself.

The following is an excerpt of the rain page from the book of dream meaning.

Rain dreams bring unexpected luck.

The content depends on how it rains, but it often implies that your efforts will flourish.

When you have a dream that it’s raining but you don’t get wet, you need to be prepared for sudden troubles.

The problems you will have in the near future will not be that big of a deal.

If you have a dream of rain, but you hold an umbrella in your dream, it shows that you have the power and mental strength to deal with any problems.

Or it represents a situation where you are ready before something goes wrong.

For example, it represents a situation where you can feel at ease, such as studying to the point where you are satisfied before the exam.

A dream that doesn’t stop raining may blur your basic ideas and policies, and things you’ve done so far may not develop smoothly.

Rain mixed with hail indicates that fortune will rise. You’ll get extra income and what you want.

A dream of slow rain is a harbinger of good luck. The warm, moist rain shows that what you have been working on is tied up.

It’s a dream to have a squall-like rain that rains temporarily and then clears up quickly.

No matter what you do, you may get a lot of money from unexpected places.

You may get an unexpected reward as a reward for just introducing someone or taking care of them.

If you dream of rain, the sky is clear but it’s raining, it’s a hint that you’ll lose confidence.

Even the smallest mistakes can be exaggerated. However, this dream has the meaning of remorse for having overestimated myself in the first place.

It tells us that this dream should be a humble attitude of returning to the beginning and working from scratch. Then things will flow smoothly.

Getting wet in the rain is a testament to your energy. Even if a trouble or accident occurs, it now has the power to repel it. If you hit it bullish, the road will open.

A dream of heavy rain shows your emotional upset and emotional upheaval.

Depending on which one you select and which one you remove, you may be at a loss for a long time, or you may be impatient to decide.

However, the hesitation and anxiety here leads to a certain step to the next.

Now that it means thinking about things, even if you get lost, you’ll be lucky in the end.

For those who are currently feeling unlucky, it will soon be a dream of good luck.

It will unexpectedly increase your luck and blow away your dark feelings.

It means a love that burns violently for a while and then cools down immediately, like the evening sun that falls violently at once.

If you dream of getting your clothes wet in the evening, the more you get soaked, the stronger your sexual meaning.

In addition, this dream also has the meaning of turning around. If you want to play something at once, now is the time.

A dream of heavy rain with lightning is a good dream. If you feel the light strongly, you will have a great idea.

If you use it for your work and study, you will be able to achieve great results.
It also means that you grow up mentally and attract the people around you.

You show that the trouble is resolved and you are back in a peaceful life.

I myself had a dream after the rain, but after having this dream, I was no longer worried about relationships.

It’s strange to connect everything to a dream, but when you have a dream related to rain, you can think that your worries will be solved and your life will be better.

The following is an excerpt of the rain item from the dream book.

It’s a dream that expresses the feeling of rush that a man you like doesn’t understand.

The heavier the rain, the greater the rush. When you have a dream like this, the more you rush, the farther away the other person’s heart will be. It might be better to stay calm and rethink your attack strategy from scratch.

It’s a time when it’s easy to think that it doesn’t matter what you do. Please refrain from impulsive behavior.

Rain is a symbol of abundant fruit, prosperity, and rebirth. A rain dream is basically a good dream that represents the arrival of good luck, but its meaning depends greatly on the impression and mood in the dream.

For example, the presence of rain that can be distracting when you go out or work is impeding that your plans and goals are in the way.

Sucking rain suffers from temporary intense emotions, but with a few triggers and timings, the problem is a hint that it will be cleared up quickly. If you regain your composure, your luck will be better than before.

The gentle and quiet rain is proof that you are living a stable and peaceful life. You can also expect unexpected luck. You will be able to build a warm and happy relationship with your lover or partner.

The shower dream seems that you are in trouble and emotionally unstable. You need to have good control over your feelings.

Also, on the romance side, it implies the beginning of a love affair, but it is likely to be a short romance, which can eventually hurt you. Let’s judge carefully.

A dream of heavy rain is a suggestion that your worries will be resolved. The problem you are currently having will soon be resolved.

There is no unstoppable rain. The rain will surely rise. When the rain is over, you will feel fine after a long absence.

The dream of sheltering from the rain implies a stagnation of your luck.

No matter how hard you try during this time, your life will not go well.

You think it’s time to rest, and you’re in a big position.

Save your strength so that you can act as soon as the rain stops in the real world.

If you dream of rain, value optimism to some extent.

Don’t be swayed by your emotions, wait quietly for the rain to pass.

Even if you feel uneasy about your physical condition, if you calm down and slowly nourish your mind and body, you will recover naturally.

A rain dream is a suggestion that luck will improve.

However, in a dream, if you want to go out, but you can’t go out because of the rain, and you can’t do what you want, it’s a dream that shows something in your real world.

Sucking rain indicates that you are too emotional to make calm decisions.

The rain in a dream represents the flow of luck. It’s a dream that even small mistakes can be foretold.

A dream of sudden rain in a dream, a dream of having rain gear warns of a loss of luck.
A dream of sudden rain and no rain gear shows that you can make a small mistake.

A dream of rain is a sign of good luck.

Rain dreams have two meanings. It means grace and obstacles that disturb you.

A dream of being free from the rain, a dream of being in a place where you will not get wet and looking at the rain is a good dream that means grace.

On the other hand, unpleasant rain, such as a dream of getting your body wet, is a bad dream that means a disability.

For rain dreams, the impression and mood when you see them are especially important. A dark and annoying impression is a nightmare, and a dream of calming down or feeling bright is a good dream.

Rain in dreams is a symbol of rich fruit and rebirth.

Depending on how it rains in your dreams, you can read your current emotional state.

Cold or long rains in your dreams indicate your depressed mood or physical upset.

The thunderous rain can be expected to brighten your life.

If it rains in the middle of your dream, your reality will change, your mood will be positive, and you will be rejuvenated to find a new love.

Be careful of the convectional rain and showers.

It’s a premonition of love that is easy to heat up and cool down, so you may end up hurt.

If you and your partner are good now, the dream of a gentle rain shows that a good relationship will continue for the foreseeable future.

After you quarrel with your partner, the sucking rain dream shows that there is an improvement.

You should be able to make up for the next date, as you should have complained and reflected on each other.

A dream tired of long rains shows that work and study are not going as planned.

We recommend repartitioning to a plan with plenty of space.
If you dream of sheltering from the rain, you seem to be worried that you need a collaborator or that you cannot do it alone. You are not good if you rush. It’s a good idea to consult with someone close to you first.

You are worried, but you are smart enough to wait for the rain to stop. Depending on how you feel, you will be able to recover.

When you dream of rain, you should be aware that it is time for you to put up with it in the real world.

Rain dreams are basically good dreams that heal yourself.

Don’t worry about your future improvement, live a safe life.

Thank you for watching.

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