Sometimes the dream of the attic is something I want to forget, and the desire is to forget that memory.

The following is an excerpt of the attic dream from the Dream Interpretation book.

The attic dream symbolizes being pushed into the bottom of memory.

【Dream interpretation】Attic dream dream lucky pattern

The dream of discovering an attic is a suggestion to rediscover what you need from past experiences and memories.

A dream looking out the window in the back room implies high spirituality. It may be trying to do something big.

The dream of the attic unlucky pattern【Dream meaning】

A dream trapped in the attic implies that it is too ideological.

Conversely, a trapped dream represents a fixed stereotype.

If the room doesn’t have a window, you may not see reality well

Yume Interpretation, Genevieve, Sara, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Publishing

【Dream meaning】The attic represents the desire to hide

The psychologist Freud, who laid the foundation for dream interpretation, explained that “dreams” are seen to satisfy wishes.
Analyzing the dream of a psychiatrist Freud who analyzed the dream?

Freud explained that dreams are the fulfillment of desires.

Being in the attic in my dreams means that in reality there is a desire to hide and do something.

I dream of being in the attic when I want to keep it secret.

The attic represents a hidden work place, a secret that you want to keep secret.

What you did in the dream attic also gives you a hint of your desires.

Below is an excerpt from the Dream Interpretation dictionary of the Attic Dream.

Symbol of patience and patience. It means being oppressed and being overwhelmed. It also means that you are mentally chased and that there is no way out. Moreover, it implies the existence of secrets and secrets.

Yume Interpretation Dictionary by Yasutaka Muto published by Nihon Bungeisha

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