If the dream you were dreaming of was a nightmare, you would wonder what the dream meant after you woke up and felt relieved.

After having a nightmare, I often wake up immediately.

If you wake up after you have had enough sleep, you can think of it as a dream, but if you wake up with a nightmare in the middle of the night, you may have a sleep disorder. ..

If a nightmare continues for days, it is possible that there is some message in that dream, but the problem is that you cannot get enough sleep.

At such times, if you go to the psychosomatic medicine department, you can get counseling and get a prescription for sleeping pills.

What causes nightmares?

What you ate before going to bed may have an effect.
For example, if you inoculate caffeine before kneading it, your dreams will be clearer. Obviously, it can make it easier for you to wake up and make you sleepless.

If you eat food and then go to bed, your metabolism will improve and your body will try to get up.

By showing a nightmare in relation to the body trying to get up, it is possible to create a cause for getting up.

People who have a habit of eating before going to sleep should drink only a small amount of water or rest without eating anything.

The dream of dreaming in a dream and feeling that it is not good does not mean good.

It’s a sign that something is going wrong and you’re likely to take the wrong solution.

The most worrisome thing is to neglect the problem and leave it behind.

This dream also includes a warning.

In other words, it foretells that the problems that will arise are not minor problems.

If you don’t take it quickly and seriously, you will lose a lot.

For the time being, it is wise not to neglect any small accidents and to respond in good faith.

Excerpt from Seitosha by Mademoiselle Ai

[Dream meaning] An example of a nightmare: A dream that can be chased

The dream of running away from the devil is the dream you have when you want to stop the bad things you are doing.

Devil = wrongdoing
And it’s a dream you have when you really want to escape the wrongdoing.

[Dream meaning] Example of a nightmare: A dream in a rotten environment

[Dream meaning] An example of having a dream in a rotten house (= decaying house)

The following is a note I made immediately after dreaming of being in a rotten house that I had dreamed of.
There are some things that don’t make sense, but I wrote the dream as it was, so please read it. After the content of the dream, the dream diagnosis is made based on the dream meaning psychology.

Below are the dreams I had.

Tattered house, home of kind people at work.
I was asking for 50 bottles of Tsukiju sake.

Another person at work gets sick. But I scream and tell you that it will sell at this store.

Visit with many people.
Children’s chairs, things like drainboards.
I managed to get rid of it.
That was the memo just after I had a dream.

Example: Dream diagnosis, rotten and tattered house
The tattered house shows that my mental state is tattered.
At this time, I was tired of work at work, had no money at all, and was in a tattered situation.

The dream diagnosis is that the house is in a state of mind, and that the house is in a bad state, considering that the house is rotten.

Having a “nightmare dream” is rare, but it is a sign that you have an emotional problem that lies deep within your heart. You should consult with someone you trust or an expert.

Excerpt from Asukashinsha, by Russell Grant, a dream encyclopedia

[Dream meaning] If you have a scary dream

The following is an excerpt of a scary dream from a dictionary of dream meanings.

I don’t want to admit my anxiety about my complex or anything. At such times, it may come out in a dream in the form of fear. You can also have scary dreams when you are not in a good sleeping environment, such as when you are not feeling well or when you are wearing a futon and it is hot.

Maybe it’s because you’re indulging in your lover’s kindness that you dream of being scared of the premonition of parting, even though you’re on good terms with your lover. Somewhere in my heart, my dreams may warn me that I’m in good shape and have an imitative attitude toward the other person.

Even when you are sick and anxious about your health, you may have dreams that make you feel scared.

[Dream meaning] Scared and scared

A dream that scares you and makes you nervous shows your lack of self-confidence. It seems that I often see it when relationships and work do not go as planned.

The following is an excerpt of a frightening dream from a dictionary of dream meanings.

A frightened dream when you’re with your lover expresses anxiety that you may not be accepted by the other person.

It means the fear that your thoughts and actions may be rejected by those around you. Hold on easily.

A dream that makes you sick at work implies that your work will not go well. Why not take a vacation and refresh yourself?

The meaning of a dream of finding oneself, by Mari Fujita, published by Seitosha

Many people have had scary dreams. I was one of them, and I had several experiences of relief that I was happy to have a dream after waking up.

When you have a scary dream, it is said that “anxiety in reality” has a lot to do with it.

A dream of dying.
Scary dreams can also indicate that the status quo is heading in the right direction. First of all, I would like to introduce some of the many scary dreams that bring good meaning.

First of all, the dream of dying is to improve your overall luck. It means that you can solve the problem you were having and get out of a difficult situation. Work luck, money luck, and love luck will be good.

Stress is the cause of scary dreams
When you had a scary dream, did you ever wake up and say “after all …”? There will be a section that you can think of. That’s right. It’s stress.

Relationships in the workplace are not working well. There will be an important match tomorrow. There are various causes, from such mental stress to physical stress caused by poor physical condition and incompatibility with bedding.

Dreams are inextricably linked to the mind and body. If you have a scary dream, check for stress.

A dream of being attacked by scary things
The dream of being attacked by something symbolizes that “the mind is not ready.” Whatever the subject, it’s probably not the time to confront it.
Trying to keep a distance and finding out what you lack will open the way to a solution.

“I’m not ready to face = a sign of anxiety.” There is a possibility that you may be mentally cornered, such as feuds with others and responsibilities at work, so please take a rest and regain your mental leeway.

One of the causes of having scary dreams is a scary personality.

Scary dreams are greatly influenced by one’s state of mind, and when the brain remembers the emotions of the mind, it manifests itself as a dream.

However, it is not limited to the state of mind, but the content of the dream changes even if it has a direct effect on the brain of one’s personality.

It is often said that the psychic experience and the sight of the spirit are “scary” in my head, so I misunderstand the casual atmosphere and noise as the work of the spirit and cause an illusion. The same is true for dreams.

That means that a “scary personality” actually makes a dream scary.

If you have a scary personality, you tend to always think about negative things and negative things in your head, and you unknowingly develop the feeling of “scary” in your mind. Will be.

And when the brain remembers it, you will experience the fear in the form of a “scary dream.”

As with illness, as we often say, “I’m sick,” there is no doubt that scary dreams have a big influence on the aspect of “scary personality.”

The cause of having scary dreams is “bad sleeping posture”.

I’m sure many people find this surprising, but in fact, poor sleeping posture makes it easier for you to sleep lighter, which in turn makes it easier for you to have scary dreams.

In addition, poor posture can easily hurt your lower back and neck, which means that you can easily wake up and be struck in the middle, and the actual pain directly affects your dreams.

It was said that the state of dreaming is a state of light sleep, but whether sleep becomes lighter or deeper depends on the “bedding”, and the bedding affects the “sleeping posture”.

The relationship between sleep and bedding is now very important.

“Deep sleep” and “deep sleep” are the major keywords to avoid having scary dreams.

You can’t control your sleeping posture, but you should at least pay attention to “bedding” and “environment” so that you don’t get sick, have scary dreams, or hurt yourself in the middle of the night. It’s a place you want.
The first measure to avoid scary dreams is to prepare your bedding.

As I said earlier, the sleeping posture has a great effect on the content of your dreams.

If you have a bad sleeping posture and your body is under pressure, you may have a dream that you are caught in something and have a hard time, or you may have a dream that you cannot breathe even if your neck angle is bad. It is one of the most disgusting dreams that I am afraid to experience when the actual situation becomes a somewhat exaggerated event such as a neck.

Therefore, it is very important to have bedding that fits your body well, and even if you have symptoms such as “I can’t get tired recently” or “I can’t sleep well”, it may be bedding. May be because it doesn’t suit you.

The second measure to avoid scary dreams is to “relax and then go to bed.”

In fact, if you turn off the lights in the room and enter the futon in total darkness and close your eyes, many people will have various worries and thoughts.

The more I think about things that are unlikely to happen in reality, the more I become worried, and the more I think about things that I don’t have to worry about, the more I become concerned about them. I tend to be dominated by emotions.

However, as I say many times, if you fall asleep in such a state of mind, the probability of having a scary dream will definitely increase.

If you fall asleep with anxiety, your brain will read the anxiety and make it a reality in the form of a “dream.”

So, before going to bed, just try to relax.

I think that the method of relaxing differs depending on the person, but what is said to be effective before going to bed is that you can experience quietly without moving your body, such as “reading”, “music”, and “meditation”. Is getting higher.

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