You’re worried if someone in your dreams obviously has bad people, right?

bad guy dream interpretation
I myself got a bad person in my dream, and I was very interested in it and looked up the dream interpretation book.

This page explains what it means when a bad person or a scary person comes out.

In the last part, I’ve also added an analysis of the dreams that I actually saw about bad people.
The dream analysis has been done in great detail, so please refer to it if there is a part similar to your dream.

Sometimes I dream of doing something with the bad guys in a dream.

【Dream meaning】Longing for bad people Envy for bad people’s way of life

Freud, who created the basis of dream interpretation, explained that “dreams” are seen to satisfy wishes.
Analyzing the dream of a psychiatrist Freud who analyzed the dream?

Freud explained that dreams are the fulfillment of desires.
Being with a bad person in a dream means having a desire to live a life that is faithful to the desires of the bad person.

【Dream meaning】Bad feelings within yourself: It makes sense to project the bad parts

The bad guy in the dream may be the bad friend I used to play.
Or it may be someone who is obviously in a bad mood.

These people come out in my dreams because I’m trying to blend in with bad feelings.

Feelings such as fear, jealousy, hate, and guilt are bad feelings.

A friend in a dream is afraid, so he cannot stop doing bad things, and he also does bad things in his dream.

Dreams often reflect desires.

So, it has the role of doing what you can’t really do (but what your essence wants to do) to moderately vent the oppressed emotions.

It can be said that the dream of being with a bad person and a bad person is a good dream to let out the bad part of oneself.

【Dream meaning】 If you are seeing as a prediction dream

The existence of bad people is sinister.

You can interpret a bad person in a dream as a dream you have because you have a sense of anxiety and anticipate that you are afraid.

The following is an excerpt of the bad guys from a dream interpretation book.

There is the possibility of a predictive dream falling into a dangerous situation.

Be cautious, do not act impulsively and impulsively.

Avoid any temptation or approaching high-risk areas.

Above all, the meaning becomes stronger when being threatened or attacked by a bad person.

If you have something to think of, do not approach yourself.

Also, let’s have the courage to refuse clearly even if invited. However, even if a bad guy appears, the dream of fighting back and having a happy ending means that you will have a chance to solve the problem you are having.

【Dream meaning】The meaning of a dream of becoming a villain

It represents the feeling that you are about to be crushed by heavy responsibility. In particular, he seems to want to throw out the burden.

Dream Interpretation Mademoiselle Ai Saitosha Publishing

【Dream meaning】Analysis and consideration of the dream I actually saw when a bad person came out

Angry bad guy (calling? To other stores?)
→ You can interpret your anxiety as if you are dreaming as a character who is angry and bad.
If you can part from the person or get rid of them, it is a hint that you can also separate from anxiety and destroy anxiety.

In fact, in my dream, there was a scene in which I escaped from bad people.

The following is a note of the contents of the dream on the smartphone immediately after dreaming.

A two-seater bike ride to escape the crowds of the shopping district.
I didn’t get tangled. At a tremendous speed.
was scary.
Since I entered the smartphone while I was asleep to interpret the dream later, the order of the words that I did not get involved with the speed was strange, but well, I ran away from the bad person at the speed. It was written that it was a dream.

In the case of the dream above, the result of dream interpretation means that the anxiety I was waiting for, and the response to escape, is away from the anxiety, so that the result of dream interpretation can be separated from the anxiety.

In this way, writing down the details of your dreams is very psychologically beneficial because you can interpret the dreams later and know what you should do in the future.

If you have a dream that interests you, make a note of it and check it again using this site.

【Dream meaning】Later Story What happened after having a dream to escape from a bad person?

A month later, I had a bad power harassment from my boss at work.

I think the bad guys had foreseen that they would endure power harassment at this time.

In a dream that a bad person comes out, it means that the dream dissipates dissatisfaction with patience.

Below are excerpts from other dream interpretation books.

【Dream meaning】 Bad people

“Suppressed thoughts, feelings, and urges” appear in dreams in the form of people who are out of society, such as bad people.

I usually lie deep inside my heart and I’m not aware of it, but the bad guy is your alter ego.

The bad guys in a woman’s dream can also represent “negative feelings towards men” or “a desire to forcibly deprive themselves of themselves.”

【Dream meaning】Dreams attacked by bad people

(1) There is another person who blames himself for being an honor student.
(2) The pressure of the oppressed feeling is increasing.

The final dream interpretation dictionary by Tatsuhiko Fuji, published by Gakkensha

In addition, there is a dream commentary that dreams of becoming bad people and dreams of doing bad things have come out in my dreams of wanting to change myself (this is convincing. There is also a dream diagnosis that I am standing in the position of a gangster, which is an ideal image that emerged from the organization and society due to the reaction that is suppressed.

【Dream meaning】 Bad people

It expresses the desire to behave as much as you want, out of the bounds of the world.

What makes me a bad person is the inside out of weakness and inferiority, and it means that I am forgetting to be more aggressive towards others.

Dream interpretation dictionary written by Yasutaka Mutoh, published by Nihon Bungeisha

【Dream meaning】A dream that a bad person with a tattoo appears

The following is an excerpt from the Dream Interpretation book, the items of the bad Yankee dream.

Dreaming that Yankees, bad guys, and bad guys will appear, be entangled, and likely to be attacked will reflect the emotions, urges, and interpersonal pressures you personally keep.

Women’s dreams reflect sexual fear, and the more violent they are, the more anxious and anxious they are.

Definitive edition! Dream Interpretation, written by Masayuki Kajiwara, Shufu no Tomosha Publishing

It is written in the dream dictionary like this.

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