What is bondage?

Bondage means a restrained state or a fixed state.
It means binding, obedience. It is a kind of fashion style.

A leather restraint that transforms a woman like a queen, a rubber restraint.

Bondage, a SM costume, is a favorite costume for people with special habits.

Wearing a bondage in a dream A dreamer is a person who really seeks sexual stimulation.

There are two types of SM.
S or M.

M people have the main desire to be sexually played.
But M’s desire is a bent desire.

The real reason for seeking stimulus is because you want to get sexual climax yourself.

Having a dream of having an impact with a person wearing a bondage means that we want to see someone who can control excitement.

Dream to wear bondage

bontage dream mean
If you were wearing a bondage in your dreams, it would be a great impact.

People who wear bondage are shackled and beaten with a whip because they want to get their sexual culmination.

Dreams come out of people wearing bondage.
What was the person wearing the bondage doing? Or what was the person wearing the bondage doing? Is important.

Wearing bondage

Dream of having sex with bondage.
Having sex with a bondage in a dream means that in reality, there is a desire to have sex with a bondage.

Bondage play

Black bra. Black gloves. garter belt. Black mesh stockings. Playing in bondage is really gentle, but the strict queen will take the initiative during play.

It is an embarrassing desire to acknowledge, but as fetishism it is a purely existing desire.

If you like bondage play, it will be a dream analysis that shows the desire to play bondage.

However, if someone who has never played bondage, or who is not familiar with bondage, has dreamed about bondage, it will be a dream analysis that they are seeking exciting sexual activity.

Freud said. Dreams are what we see to fulfill our desires.
dream analist freud
Dreams tell you the desires you are not aware of.

Dreams contain messages that will make you happy.

If you are wearing a bondage and you are pleased by whipping others, or if you are whipped by a person who wears a bondage, it reflects your desire to play like that.

Bondage’s dream meaning

It’s common to analyze dreams that people who do not have a strong taste for SM want to have stimulating sex, but what did you do in a bondage? That is the most important point.

If you’ve been bonding and having sex, see the Sex Dreams Meaning page.

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