It’s pretty impressive if you pick your booger in your dreams, so you often remember when you got up.
booger dream mean
It was impressive that I picked up two big boogers in my dreams, and after waking up, I checked the meaning of dreams related to boogers online.

【Dream interpretation】 The meaning of a dream to pick a booger

When I looked at the three dream symbol dictionaries and the sites that mean the meaning of dreams on the net, the most common meaning was picking a booger = cleaning the inside cleanly.

Picking a booger has the meaning of adjusting what you care about, that is, adjusting your appearance and making yourself safe enough to be seen by others.

【Dream interpretation】The meaning when you’re picking a booger dignifiedly while there are others

Picking a booger is usually done sneaky without being noticed.
However, if you dream of picking a booger dignifiedly when there are others, the meaning is as follows.

【Dream mean】Interpretation of a booger-free dream

It shows that I can hope for others with my open attitude.

It shows that your mental state is a good state of mind, where you can assert your opinion.
※ It is a story only in a dream. This is a story about picking boogers in front of others in a dream. We do not recommend picking boogers in public in the real world! (Lol)

【Dream meaning】The meaning of taking a big booger

Fortune is rising. Indicates that your own condition is in place.

The booger that comes out of your dreams means the stress you have right now.

The booger is garbage that has accumulated in the body and is completely unnecessary.
The body wants to get rid of stress from the body quickly and forget it.

They are trying to reduce such stress while sleeping.
So the dream of picking a booger is a healthy and good dream that cleans the inside beautifully.

【Dream meaning】The meaning of a little booger

It implies that minor problems in everyday life will be solved.

For example, you may have lost eye drops, or you may be happy to solve a small problem, and you may be happy.

【Dream meaning】What is the psychology when you dream of taking a booger?

If you have a scene where you’re picking a booger in your dream, you’ll be wondering what it means.
However, the dream of picking a booger is, in general, just “maintenance to improve my condition a little.”

The psychological state of picking a booger in a dream is just the psychological state of adjusting oneself to improve oneself a little.

The sense of smell controlled by the nose is an important sensor for the survival of humans as animals.
Maintaining that sensor is the act of taking a booger.
So the dream of taking a booger means that you are adjusting yourself.

A dream with a huge booger【Dream interpretation】

It’s a dream I’m dreaming of when I’m aware that I have something bad and feel guilty.

The mental state of wanting to clean the big dirt in myself is reflected in my dream.

【Dream meaning】The nose hair is affecting.

Your nose hair in the real world may be the cause of your snot dream.

Nose hair also has metabolism, and when new nose hair grows, old nose hair falls through the nostrils.
Perhaps the consciousness of wanting to take it is the cause of the dream of picking a booger.

After dreaming of picking your nose, try picking your nose in the real world.
Oh, please use tissue properly! (Lol)

【Dream meaning】Leave it when you know that your booger is clogged.

An indication that the husband or wife is cheating.
Indicates that a subordinate is cheating.

It is not good to leave a booger in the real world or in a dream. (Lol)

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