【Dream mean】What is your psychology when you dream of calling

dreaming to call because you wanted someone to give me some advice.

One Minute Summary—Your Psychology When You Dream of a Phone-Related Dream

  1. No one wants to make a mistake, so we want to make a better choice.
  2. You want information that will help you make better choices about what you are worried about right now.

woman call dream
The following is an excerpt of the phone entry from the dream interpretation dictionary.

The dream of calling or faxing is a hint that you can open your way, especially with reference to someone’s love.

Why don’t you consult a person whose image is similar to the person you talked to over the phone?

If you can’t talk because your phone is broken

If you really take the advice of others, you may worry about failure. You should plan your own attack strategy.

Deep Psychological Dreams Encyclopedia of Meaning of Dreams Sayoko Shirai Ikeda Shoten Publishing
It is written in the dream dictionary like this.

【Dream mean】If you receive a phone call

When you’re doing something in your dream, your mobile phone (it’s a smartphone, it’s real) sounds and someone calls you. What does that mean in this case?

When someone calls you in a dream, you have the desire to seek a relationship with the person who is calling.

【Dream mean】If the call is from a deceased person

Old memories just came out of my dreams in some way. Don’t worry if you can’t read a good message from your dream.

【Dream interpretation】From a person who has already died May contain important messages

When the thoughts of those who have already died are strong, they seem to be reflected in their dreams. In this case, it is better to deal with bad thoughts or good thoughts.

For example, if the deceased came into your dreams and thought of your happiness, and it was such a positive image that you could be happier, you could look at him without doing anything.

You just need to be aware that you are being protected in a place where it is not.

To be spiritual, this is a good dream.
Below is an excerpt of a phone entry from another dream book.
woman call dream

If you dream of making a phone call, a small dispute with your partner can be aggressive.
If you dream of answering a phone call, you’ll be in trouble for the next few days.

Dictionary of dreams By Russell Grant Asuka Shinsha Publishing
It is written in the dream dictionary like this.

In the case of the phone dream described in this book, nothing good happens.
The following is an excerpt of a phone dream item from another dream book.

It means contact with the subconscious.
It also shows the relationship with the other party. Calls from strangers are subconscious messages that give you guidance. When you dream of this kind, similar dreams often follow, so consider the meaning of the other person’s words in relation to other dreams.

Calls from people you know indicate that you want them to be more interested or kinder.

Silent calls are an indication that the unknown self is trying to draw attention, and if you think about it in relation to other dreams, the identity of the unknown self should become increasingly apparent.

If the other party does not answer the call or is busy, it indicates that the relationship with the person is not working well. It implies that the relationship with the other party is unlikely to evolve.

Excerpt from Yume Encyclopedia by Yasutaka Muto
It is written in the dream dictionary like this.

woman call dream

【Dream interpretation】Summary Your psychology when you have a dream related to the phone

Unfortunately, both the dream of making a phone call and the dream of receiving a phone call are not very good.

Phone calls may be an indication of interference from (disturbed by) others.

If you’re dreaming of calling yourself, you’re asking for the opinion of someone else, which indicates your instability.

When you dream of a phone call, you are worried about what you have forgotten.
It is not very calm.

There is a feeling of being lonely.

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