The state of the drain in the dream is related to your mental state.

If the trouble could not be resolved, the current troubles will continue.

【Dream meaning】A dream that something is clogged in the drain

If successful, it indicates that the problem you are having will be solved.
Notice the clogging of drains = ability to find problems.

Even if the drains are clogged by dirty things like hair or garbage, if you can clean them well in your dreams, you’re ready to deal with any problems. is.

Conversely, a dream that something is clogged in the drain and ends up overflowing with water is likely to have a trouble that you can not solve now.

【Dream meaning】Dream of cleaning drains

Resolve clogging of drains = (for those who dream) Have the ability to solve problems.
The following is an excerpt of the drainage item from the dream interpretation dictionary.

It means “to send the emotions that have been behind.” The feeling is the same as sewage.

【Dream meaning】dream to clean drain

I am trying to resolve my depression. Or solve it.
The problem that has been delayed is solved.

[Dream interpretation] The dream that the drainage clogs

There is a feeling of depression.
Something is interfering with the processing of the problem.

【Dream meaning】dream to dig a drain

Preparations are being made to solve the problem.
I am trying to handle emotional problems.
News that water metabolism is not going well.

Encyclopedia of Dreams: written by Tatsuhiko Fuji, published by Gakken

【Dream meaning】 A dream that clogs the toilet drain

If you have a dream that overflows with toilet trouble, please see the toilet dream below.

Freud preached that “dreams” are to be fulfilled with desire.

Being able to clean drains in a dream means that there is a desire to solve unresolved problems in reality.
The dream of cleaning drains is that you have the power to confront something you don’t want.

【Dream meaning】Drainage Dream: Warning Pattern

Conversely, the fact that the drains are dirty and left untouched is that there is no power to see dirt directly.
This is the warning pattern.
In a dream, a dream in a dirty space is the same as having a mess in the house and a bad mental state.
If you have a dream that the drain is dirty, it indicates that your mental state is dangerous.

【Dream meaning】Advice for those who have a dream where a drainage ditch appears

It is best to look directly at the problem.
If there is a problem you are feeling stressed, it is best to take action to solve the problem you are having, such as cleaning the living space and clearing out the problems that you should do.

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