The appearance of the devil is because there is a part that makes me feel guilty about bad deeds.
You can think of your own conscience as making you dream of the devil coming out to protect yourself from mistakes.

→ If you find that your actions do not suit your conscience, consider whether you can change your policy a little.

If you’re aware that you’ve already done it, apologize or think about what you can do to make up for it in a different way.

The following is an excerpt of the devil’s dream item from the dream fortune-telling book.

Means danger. If you see the devil, there seems to be a good invitation. But you should decline. Talking to the devil is proof that something bad is already happening.

If you appear as a devil, the days of turmoil will come.

Excerpt from Asukashinsha, by Russell Grant, a dream encyclopedia

The devil also symbolizes the existence of others who threaten oneself, the surrounding environment and what has happened, and expresses one’s own fears and anxieties about it.

Therefore, if you dream of being attacked by the devil, it can be a sign that your conscience is in danger.

It may also indicate that you are about to be threatened by others.

→ If you are aware that you may be directly threatened by others, consult the police in some cases, or talk to your friends or family if it is not important.

If you’re trying to do something that goes against your conscience, it’s a good idea to rethink what you really have to do.

If you’ve done something that doesn’t hurt to talk, you should talk to someone close to you that you can trust.

People can be relieved and saved by having people listen to them.

Devil’s dream, dream fortune-telling

The devil symbolizes the evil and egoistic hearts of yourself and others.

It is an attempt to deceive, fall into, use or betray someone, and is in direct opposition to your conscience.

Devil’s dreams are often seen when you are trying to get rid of evil, take selfish actions, or try to sin at the invitation of another person.

But if you don’t feel guilty about doing wrong, you’ll never dream of it.

Rather, dreaming of the devil is a sign of your struggle between good and evil, and your conscience makes you dream of the devil to protect you from mistakes. I can say.

The devil is also a symbol of the person who threatens you and the events of the outside world, and represents your own fear and anxiety about it.

The devilish dream shows that your conscience is at stake and that you are about to be threatened by someone.

Dream Fortune-telling Encyclopedia by Yasutaka Muto, excerpted from Nihon Bungeisha

[Dream fortune-telling] Dream fortune-telling Meaning of a dream to escape from the devil

It’s a dream I have when I want to stop the bad things I’m doing now.

Devil = evil
And it’s a dream you have when you really want to escape the evil.

[Dream fortune-telling] Devil’s dream fortune-telling

The dark part hidden in the depths of your heart becomes a devil and appears in your dreams.

It means that you are curious about danger and evil, or that you are tempted.

A warning that if you are a demon, be careful as you are likely to enter a dangerous world.

Dreams of being attacked by the devil and getting close to the devil have the same meaning.

If you fight the devil and win, it means that you can cut off the temptation

【Dream meaning】Strong sexual desire

Sometimes we think of the devil as libido. Dreams of being attacked by the devil and talking with the devil are evidence of increased libido.

Hit well! Dream Fortune-telling Encyclopedia 1000 Opening the Door to the Future Message Calling Good Luck, by Marie Primavera, Excerpt from Nagaoka Shoten

【Dream interpretation】Devil’s meaning

The devil in a dream is a symbol of sexual activity. The idea of ​​letting yourself go with your desires is born in you.
Therefore, there is a high risk of various troubles related to sexual activity, so act calmly.

Deep Psychology Dream Fortune-telling Encyclopedia for Finding the Meaning of Dreams by Sayoko Shirai Excerpt from Ikeda Bookstore

[Dream fortune-telling] If you dream of a devil

The following is an excerpt of the devil’s dream from the oneiromancy dictionary.

The terrifying devil’s dream is a warning dream that tells you that danger is imminent.

There are many temptations, so make a calm judgment so as not to lose sight of right and wrong. Also, the devil’s dream feels for you
It may also represent anxiety.

・ Fight the devil, defeat the devil
The dream of fighting the devil represents your courage to cut off bad temptations and weak hearts. Things will start to move in the right direction because of the strong will to be reborn as a new self. It is a suggestion that if you can defeat the devil, you can overcome your weakness.

If you see a devil in your dreams, review the rules and rules. If you’re doing something that deviates from that, fix it right away.

If you have any doubts, don’t judge by yourself, but always seek advice from someone you can trust. By doing so, you can avoid major mistakes and mistakes.

Dream Fortune-telling Encyclopedia Mademoiselle Mitan Mycomi Publishing

What does the devil mean in dream fortune-telling?

The devil that appears in a dream symbolizes the following three things.

・ The darkness of one’s heart
・ Sexual desire

The devil’s dream is a symbol of the darkness of the heart that nests in you, with negative emotions such as ugly desires, jealousy and resentment.
So to speak, the part of your shadow appears in the form of a devil.

Every human being has such a part, so don’t be afraid more than necessary.
Conversely, the more you try to deny or suppress your shadow, the more powerful they become.

Perfectionists, justices, and innocents may need to be careful about how they interact with their shadows.

The devil in a dream can also appear as a symbol of sexual desire.
People who have a strong sexual desire or feel guilty about sexual activity are more likely to dream of the devil.

In addition, the devil is a symbol of danger because it is harmful to humans.

There may be some kind of disaster or a dangerous temptation that can be devastating.
Let’s be careful in advance.

The devil that appears in the dream is the image that you have
Rather than whether or not the devil actually exists, the devil that appears in the dream is an image that you created yourself, so the “look” and “impression” are different for each person. The important point is that it is associated with “devil”, and it may be that a devilish feeling is lurking in the heart.

When you dream of the devil, the important thing is to have “your own justice” firmly. When I’m weak, I can’t help but lose the sweet words and temptations, but now I especially value myself and try to reconfirm whether I’m being swept away. Please give me.

The devil in the world of dream fortune-telling mainly has the following meanings.

The devil that appears in your dreams may actually be your alter ego.

It’s a shadow hidden in my heart.
It is a manifestation of muddy desires and evil thoughts.

Also, the devil’s dream often symbolizes libido.
Since the instinctive urge is getting stronger, it can be said that it is a time when sexual troubles are likely to occur.

Please be careful.

Having a dream of the devil may convey the possibility of a bad invitation creeping in.
In particular, you should be careful about sweet invitations from attractive opposite sex.

Also, be careful about delicious profit stories.
Let’s keep in mind that “you can’t bother to come to yourself with such a good story.”

Devil’s dreams can also imply some obstacle, such as danger or trouble.
If you’re not careful, you may end up in a catastrophe …

Be wary of dreams that give you a bad impression.
If you take care of yourself, it shouldn’t be important.

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