When watching a movie, most people just watch the movie and forget everything else and immerse themselves in the movie world.

Now you want that immersion. The desire to escape such reality is reflected in the dream.

It is important to take a break, such as making time to go to the movies.

The psychologist Freud, who laid the foundation for dream interpretation, explained that “dreams” are seen to satisfy wishes.
Analyzing the dream of a psychiatrist Freud who analyzed the dream?

Freud explained that dreams are the fulfillment of desires.
Watching a movie in a dream means that there is a desire to see the movie even in reality = to get away from reality.

The following is an excerpt of a movie dream from a dream interpretation book.

A movie is a fictional world, and a movie theater is a fictional place in the darkness.

This dream represents a strong desire in your heart to escape reality.

Perhaps you are currently suffering from a fairly hard schedule. When you have a dream like this, try to have a spiritual rest, such as taking time to enjoy your hobbies.

Deep Psychological Dream Interpretation Encyclopedia to Find the Meaning of Dreams by Sayoko Shirai, published by Ikeda Shoten
movie dream meaning
If you’re bored watching the movie, it reflects a tired state of mind about the current situation.

When I live with the feeling that I’m being forced to see, I’m seeing it without help, I dream like this.

The following are excerpts of movie dreams from other dream interpretation books.

The dream of watching a movie shows that you are in a boring situation.
In addition, the excitement of watching a movie, laughing or getting angry, is the implication of something left behind.

【Dream meaning】A dream to make a movie

Everything goes well. It shows that the work we are currently doing can lead to success and career advancement.

【Dream meaning】Dreams appearing in movies

It can be said that the news is full of dreams and hopes. He announces that many happy events will happen.

【Dream meaning】Dreams in horror movies

Indicates a decrease in physical condition. In particular, the body is often cold, which may lead to poor physical condition or pulling of a cold. If you become bearish, your luck will decrease. Rest yourself and recharge your energy.

Made by Yume Interpretation Mademoiselle Ai Saitosha Publishing

If you have a dream of going to the movie theater and watching a movie instead of watching a movie on a DVD at home or watching a movie on the Internet, please refer to the following dream interpretation of the movie theater.
movie dream meaning
The following is an excerpt of a movie theater dream from a dream interpretation book.

When you dream of a cinema, you’ll have an ever-increasing desire to be relieved of the responsibilities and secrets that weigh heavily on your mind.

If the movie you’re showing is choppy or has poor image quality, things can go awry and even worse.

Be careful because the secret that you have hidden may become known to others.

Made by Yume Interpretation Mademoiselle Ai Saitosha Publishing

【Dream meaning】A dream coming out of a movie theater

The cinema is a place that reflects your life, so if you have this dream, you have a desire to reassess your life.

The following is an excerpt from the Dream Interpretation book.

The cinema is a place that reflects your life. A beautiful cinema dream shows that your life now is going well.

If it’s a dream of a dirty movie theater, it’s said that he has a life of full length.

The dream that the cinema chair is broken implies that you are not objectively looking into your life.

【Dream meaning】I dream of cinema because I have a desire to play

Leisure funds are likely to be overwhelming. Let’s save.

Yume Interpretation, Genevieve, Sara, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Publishing

【Dream meaning】Characters in movies

The fact that characters such as novels and movies come up in dreams shows that they are seeking an ideal human relationship.

Novels and movies are made for entertainment.

Naturally, the relationships that appear there are ideal, and the characters are characters with a good personality that everyone wants to talk to.

The reason why characters such as novels and movies come out in dreams is the reflection of the desire to talk with such ideal characters.

Perhaps you’re tired of bad relationships in the real world and dreaming of talking to characters in novels, movies, etc. to escape.

The following is an excerpt of the dream items of characters such as novels and movies from the Dream Interpretation book.

When characters in novels, movies, comics, etc. appear in your dreams, it implies an increased desire for love in your heart.

However, it is highly possible that the desire for love is somewhat childish, such as “falling in love.”

Therefore, even if the desire is increasing, it seems that it often does not lead to actual love.

It’s important not only to adore, but to look at the reality.

Deep psychology Dream interpretation Encyclopedia to find the meaning of dreams Sayoko Shirai, published by Ikeda Shoten

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