【Dream meaning】Such unreasonable … The dream pattern of the lucky shit is super hard.

The lucky pattern of the poop that comes out in a dream is a pattern other than flushing in the toilet.
You have no dream of pooping outside of the bathroom, right?

Even those who have a dream to defecate normally are OK! If you read this content to the end, you will understand the meaning and interpretation of the dream of defecation.

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Waste (manure) indicates what you are trying to avoid and what you are avoiding.
Also, seeing filth (feces) is also a matter of facing your own problems.

The following is an excerpt from the book on interpretation of dreams regarding filth.

Dreaming is not good, but it’s a great fortune. Your income will increase or you will be in love. It’s a sign that either the economic side or the romantic side will be fulfilled.

Dictionary of dreams: Mademoiselle, excerpted from a Japanese book

Dreams involving poop alone have an impact, but extreme dreams, such as excreting too much, show good luck.

The excretion and defecation items are excerpted from another dream interpretation book on the pattern of increasing fortune in excretion dreams.
Adding a clean toilet and seeing a stool is an indication of a rise in luck, but a messy toilet can be a sign of poor health. Hard stools, diarrhea, etc. may signal financial damage or poor health. Just like healthy stools, energetic ones should be considered good signs.

Exposing stool and pee to your whole body can represent unexpected profits and luck.

The image of a woman dreaming of drinking a man’s pee directly from her mouth can be a hint to a lover.

Excreting yourself implies a cleansing of your body, mind, or fortune. However, seeing other people’s flights is an annoying thing for others.

The image of excretion basically expresses fortune and health. If the condition of the toilet is clean, the condition is good.

Large swelling flights indicate good luck and good health. Grabbing the big stools by hand can indicate unexpected luck or blessing, but also implies losses and disadvantages.

The point of good luck is the image that you treat carefully.

Abandoning the stool or flushing the toilet implies a chance to miss.
Intense bowel movements, such as diarrhea, can result in poor luck or exhaustion.

Eating your own stool or others’ stools is indicative of poor health or unexpected expense.

The crucial point in determining fortune is based on a surprising and impactful image, such as a large amount of spilling over the stool or the entire body being covered in the stool.

【Dream meaning】Large peeing that doesn’t stop is indicative of a sudden rise in fortune.

Also, in the dream of stool, there is a case where after dreaming of a stool that overflows to the second floor of the house, the betting ticket for a horse race that had not been hit hits five times in a row. The strong image that overflows and does not stop is the point of gooddream judgment.

It’s important to be careful, since a miserable image that gives you pee and thereby wets your underwear is a bad sign!

Above: Dictionary of Dreams, written by Masayume, excerpted from Japan Publishing
filth dream meaning

【Dream meaning】Warn your dream to pee! A dream when you can’t feel safe in human relationships.

Dreams related to pee have no meaning.

【Dream meaning】Dream to be able to pee.

The dream of being peeing is sinister.

I can’t feel safe in my daily life and I dream of being able to pee when I’m scared.

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Merlyn Cuffie
Merlyn Cuffie
4 months ago

I dream I was making poop in a toiled and I
didn’t wipe myself and I didn’t flush the toilet I was afraid I will smell poop do I told a piece of paper and wipe my bottom

Merlyn Cuffie
Merlyn Cuffie
4 months ago

What is the meaning of poop

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