The basic meaning of fishing dreams

Dream of catching and fishing

Summary in 1 minute Dream of fishing

  • Basically getting something
  • In the dream, it is expressed as fishing, but the nuance that you can get what you want, such as property, lover, etc.
  • As a result, it is important that you can catch it. The dream of fishing but not catching fish is not particularly lucky.

① If the fish is a big fish or an expensive fish like Thailand, a dream that you will get gains, wonderful spouses, lovers, etc.
② If the fish is a miscellaneous fish, a nightmare that tells about discouragement, sadness, disadvantage, illness, etc.

The sea is better for fishing and fishing in the sea and river.

Excerpt from the final version, Yume Meaning Encyclopedia by Tatsuhiko Fuji, Gakken
Below is an excerpt of fish dishes from a dream book.

Currently, you seem to be particularly good at beauty.

If you try dieting, you can expect certain results.

Deep Psychology Dream Encyclopedia to find the meaning of dreams, written by Yoko Shirai, Ikeda Shoten

【Dream meaning】When you are fishing

It is likely that the other party will withdraw because of the development of love.

【Dream meaning】When the fish is away from you and you are escaping the fish you caught

In this case, it tells you that love will escape if you don’t become positive.

Deep Psychological Dream Meaning Excerpt from Ikeda Shoten, written by Yoko Shirai, an encyclopedia for finding the meaning of dreams

The following is an excerpt of fishing dream items from a dream meaning book.

A dream that hinted at getting a profit.

It can be thought of as hinting at the arrival of joy and good luck.

【Dream meaning】Catch fish

Especially, the dream of fishing from clear water has ushered in great luck.

Marriage, which is the marriage of balls, will be stepped up or you will get a big fortune.

【Dream meaning】Enjoy fishing leisurely

The implication of enjoying a peaceful life.

【Dream meaning】I can’t catch fish

Lucky chance will not come.

I’m disappointed.

Hit well! Dream Meaning Encyclopedia 1000 Opening the door to the future Message of good luck Excerpt from Nagaoka Shoten by Mary Primavera

Below is an excerpt of fishing from a dream book.

Represents catching something.

There are many things to catch, such as marriage partners, property, status, and work achievements.

The size, type, and value of the prey you caught can be used to infer the size of your gain and your luck.

【Dream meaning】Fishing good pattern

Catch a big fish.
Great results are obtained.

Catch valuable fish such as Thai and carp.
Excellent results can be obtained.

【Dream meaning】Fishing bad pattern

Only small fish and the outside road can be caught.

The result is disappointing.

Excerpt from the final version, Yume Meaning Encyclopedia by Tatsuhiko Fuji, Gakken

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