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【Dream interpretation】Flower Dream Dream Interpretation

The following is an excerpt from the book of the Dream Interpretation Dictionary, excerpted from the section on flower dreams.

The dream of flowers is basically a sign of love,
“Depending on the circumstances of blooming, the meaning may be as follows. Also, depending on the color of the flowers, different meanings may be added.

【Dream mean】When one flower is blooming beautifully

It is the start of love to nurture carefully. For a while, there will be fewer obstacles.

【Dream interpretation】When many flowers are blooming

You may be bothered by the approach of unwanted people. It is time to be popular, but it is unlikely that the opposite sex will turn around.
flower dream meaning

【Dream mean】If the flower is withering or wilting

An unhappy romance awaits. It’s up to you to survive the burning love without getting hurt.

Deep Psychological Dream Interpretation Dictionary to Find the Meaning of Dream Sayako Shirai Ikeda Publishing

Freud preached that “dreams” are to be fulfilled with desire.
Analyzing the dream of a psychiatrist Freud who analyzed the dream?

Freud explained that dreams are the fulfillment of desires.

Seeing a flower in a dream means a desire to see the flower.

If you go to a flower shop in the city, you can buy a small flowered bowl at a low price.

Your deep psychology may be looking for a life with flowers, so why not buy one?

I like to plant flowers on flower beds, but it’s very good mentally.

What is the meaning of a dream with a bouquet

The following is an excerpt of the bouquet item from a dream interpretation book.

flower dream meaning

“A bouquet of dreams is a symbol of one-way romance, or unrequited love, but this is not something you only see when you have unrequited love.
When you receive a bouquet, it’s an indication that someone cares about you. Are you feeling a bit too light?

When making a bouquet
The dream of making a bouquet on your own implies that unrequited love can be turned into two.

Deep Psychological Dream Interpretation: Encyclopedia of Finding the Meaning of Dreams: written by Sayoko Shirai, published by Ikeda Shoten
It is written in the dream dictionary like this.

【Dream mean】Dream to give flowers

The act of giving flowers releases the mind
The person who presents the flower = the implication of deepening the bond with the person who wants to be close

【Dream interpretation】Desire to give flowers

Giving flowers from yourself indicates that you are a satisfied, affordable state of mind.

The act of giving frees the mind

This is the saying of Maya Angelou.

The following is an excerpt of the bouquet item from another dream interpretation book.

【Dream mean】Dream of getting a bouquet from the opposite sex

It is favored by the opposite sex.
Premonition of the beginning of love. However, it may be just a dream.

【Dream interpretation】A dream where the bouquet is withered

Bad things happen.
Ahead of disease.

【Dream mean】A dream of giving a bouquet

Smooth development of love.
He has a sense of jealousy and repulsion for the recipient.

Encyclopedia of dream interpretation by Tatsuhiko Fuji published by Gakken

The flower that comes out of a dream can be replaced with “the value you have.”

When the flower blooms, it indicates a talented flowering, and when you give a flower, it indicates that you give your own energy to others.

【Dream mean】Blooming dreams are good dreams

The following is an excerpt from the Dream Interpretation book, excerpted from the section on flower dreams.

Symbol of the thing that “flowered” … It means that the talents and efforts that have accumulated up to that point blossom.
A dream that can be expected to have a positive effect in all fields, such as work, learning, arts and crafts.

“Attract” symbol of things … flowers attract people and insects with their fragrance.

In the same way, it becomes a symbol of something that attracts and intoxicates people, such as “love” or “sex appeal”.

It is also a symbol of the “ shame ” itself. There are cases.

The symbol of the “shortness of the prime” … Like the life of a flower, the life of a thing represented by a flower is not so long. Negative images such as “transience” and “weakness” are hidden behind the dream of flowers.

A symbol of a person …. Love, gorgeous, and mature people are represented by flowers.

【Dream mean】A dream to see the blooming flowers

It’s time for good luck.
Very fulfilling romance. Joy of love.
Confidence is growing.

【Dream mean】The dream that the flower is withering

Get into luck.
I have lost my charm. Or a loss of confidence. End of love.
Signs of the disease.

【Dream interpretation】Dream with petals falling

There is a goodbye with a close person.
Get into luck.

【Dream interpretation】A dream that gives flowers to others

A sign that your property will be dispersed.
Spouses and lovers are becoming sparse.

【Dream mean】 Dream to see the whole flower garden

Note that there is a case of a dream of predicting death.

You need to be especially careful if you know someone who is sick or old, playing in the flower garden, or if someone is already dead in the flower garden.

【Dream mean】Dreams buried in flowers

I am very tired and want a rest.
Losing confidence.
Anxiety about death, threatening. Or an omen. The dead are buried in flowers in the coffin. If anyone hates being buried, he wants that person to disappear.
A kind of curse.

Dream to see artificial flowers【Dream mean】

Your relationship with the people around you gets worse.

A dream to see bright yellow flowers【Dream mean】

A situation that lacks mental and physical stability occurs.

There is a case of a dream of predicting death.

Yellow, golden and orange are sometimes used as symbols of the equinoctial world.

Dream to see white flowers【Dream mean】

There is a case of a dream of predicting death.

★ A dream that you are a flower【Dream interpretation】

Reborn as a completely different self.
It leads to some enlightenment.
Preparation for death.

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