Food dreams are related to your frustrations.

Eating food in a dream is because it satisfies spiritual frustrations such as material and sexual desires.

It is the desire to eat food that makes us dream.

The dream of eating represents the fulfillment of desires.

Whatever your desire, it will store power in your heart, increasing your creativity and your ability to take action.
food dream mean
Food dreams also have situations other than eating dreams.

I will explain dreams about food, such as you receive food and you buy food.

The type of food you eat will tell you what you want.
Fruit is for sensuality, meat represents animal desires.

The dream of eating vegetables indicates that you are interested in your health.

Eating a small amount of sweets in a dream means that your life is going well and you are trying to incorporate other good things.

To dream of giving someone sweets as a gift indicates that your relationship with that person will improve.

The dream of buying sweets, such as sweets, cakes, and chocolates, represents dissatisfaction with the current situation.

You are demotivated because you are not in the situation you want.
In the real world, there is data that eating sweets can make you feel positive.

Glucose and glycogen cannot be stored in the brain, and the amount of glycogen stored in muscles and liver is limited. .

In order to efficiently supply energy, it is necessary to eat three times a day, and children with high brain energy consumption need to take moderate snacks in addition to meals.

Consuming sugar increases serotonin, one of the neurotransmitters in the brain.

By the way, serotonin has the effect of increasing concentration.

The glucose component contained in sweets such as sweets is an important element to help Noh work.

If you dreamed of eating sweets, it is likely that your body wants to eat sweets.

So, the meaning of the dream of eating sweets is a dream when you have a desire to eat sweets.

When stress builds up, you can have a desire to eat something sweet.
Please do your own self-analysis.

If you think you’re stressed because bad things keep happening, then you were eating sweets in your dreams to escape from the stress.

In this case too, please eat something really sweet in the real world. (because my body craves sweets)

In addition to that, it is good to analyze what is causing the stress and think about how to deal with it.

A dream in which you eat bread is a healthy and good dream.

If the bread you ate in your dream was a beautiful pastry or bread with a lot of butter, it means that you are living a good life.

It is also a good dream that you bake bread yourself. You now have the power to do creative work.

If the food you ate in your dream is bad, it is a dream that reflects your current physical or mental condition.

Eat delicious food in the real world, take a good rest and recover your physical condition.

A dream in which you eat fruit is a dream with both good and bad meanings.

Dreams of eating berries can be detrimental to your health. It is especially bad for sick people to dream of eating fruit.
I have something good for you you have a strong libido.

A dream in which you see golden fruits is a very good dream. It has the meaning of obtaining a universal value that cannot be broken.
Dream fortune-telling that you feel delicious on top of eating things indicates an increase in love luck and financial luck. You can expect a significant increase in your fortune because you not only saw the fruit, but also ate it.

Furthermore, if you eat the fruit and feel that it is “sweet,” it implies that you have good luck in love. Blessed with affection with your partner, it seems that you can spend a happy time.

The type of food you eat will tell you what you want.
Fruit seeks sensuality.

If you dream of receiving or receiving fruits such as apples from someone, think that bad things may happen.

The act of “harvesting fruit” expresses your earnest and sincere desire to grow.

The work of carefully verifying the results each time and producing even better results is reflected in the dream as the action of “harvesting”.

It will lead you to the next big stage.

The dream of harvesting fruits like this is a manifestation of your self-confidence that you have been working diligently on a daily basis.
Keep your current stance and don’t forget to “harvest” every day and keep working hard.

Your dream of fruit represents the fruits of your efforts.
Dreaming of buying such fruits means that your actions will yield great results.

By being proactive, you are more likely to get good results.

If you have a plan that you have been preparing for, now is the perfect time to start it.

You may be able to get great success by taking action without missing an opportunity.
If you dream of buying fruit, try to show your ability to take action.

A dream in which you pick fruit indicates your strong desire.

You have a strong desire in love that you pluck the fruit from.
You can also attack someone you like.

However, if you surrender to your desires, your overbearing demeanor will disappoint them.
You might think it’s just selfishness.

You should imagine the other person’s feelings and make contact with the other person by following your thoughts.
Even if the force is too strong, the fruit will be damaged.

The meaning of the dream of receiving fruit is a sign that you are showing strong affection from your partner.

At first glance, it seems like a dream at the height of happiness, but in fact, you seem to be annoyed by the love that is directed at you.

Do you have any idea?

Like the Adam and Eve story, the fruit imagery is both romantic and dangerous.

The love you are receiving now seems to be a sticky love.

You need to be careful not to turn into something dangerous like DV or stalking.

To dream that you buy food represents acquiring new knowledge and abilities.

When you pay for food, it shows that you have to work hard to reach your goals.

Summarize your psychology when you dream of eating vegetable salad?
Simply, it means that the desire to eat vegetable salad and the desire to eat vegetables are appearing in the dream.

Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and are one of the important sources of nutrition for the human body.

Freud, a researcher of the meaning of dreams, preached that “dreams” are seen for the fulfillment of wishes.

Eating vegetable salad in a dream means that one has a desire to eat vegetables.

Fruits, vegetables, meat, what were you eating in your dreams?

Food with fruit is libido. Food with vegetables is a desire for health. The dream of eating meat is a desire for power.

Food dreams are related to your frustrations.

Eating food in a dream is because it satisfies spiritual frustrations such as material and sexual desires.
When you dream of food, think about what you want.

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