My life is like this! When you have a strong will, you don’t care about divination. When you worry about fortune-telling, you are at a loss in yourself.

The following is an excerpt from the Dream Interpretation book, for the divination dream item.

It shows that you have come to a fork in your life to make an important decision. Try to be careful.

Excerpt from Dream Interpretation: Mademoiselle, Ai, Seishisha

Psychologist Freud, who laid the foundations for interpreting dreams, said that “dreams” should be looked at to fulfill their desires.

Fortune-telling in a dream means that there is a desire to rely on the power of others, like fortune-telling in the real world.

There is a psychology of dependence that depends on the result of divination and wants to do what is said to be good for divination.

It also includes the desire to fortune-telling.

The following is an excerpt from a dream fortune-telling book from other dream-dividing books.

[Dream interpretation] What is the psychological state of dreaming

“I’m wondering how to decide.”

The result of divination is your advice from dreams. If you dream of “good results”, you can proceed with confidence as it is, but if you get bad results, you need to review the current situation.

[Dream interpretation] Dreams consulting fortune tellers

Currently, he is deeply lost.
It is a situation where you are leaving yourself to think about yourself and running away.

Definitive Edition Encyclopedia of Dreams Author by Tatsuhiko Fuji Extracted from Gakken

[Dream interpretation] Fortune teller’s words express important matters

Fortunetellers represent what they think about the future and speak for their intuition.

The following is an excerpt from the Dream Interpretation book, excerpting fortune teller’s dream items.

Having a fortune teller tell you that you are most concerned, interested or anxious right now.

Good luck … The words told to the fortuneteller are the key to opening up the problem or situation you are having.
It may be an unarguable word, but let’s examine it.

Being a fortune teller, what you are telling, even if it is about others, should be an indication of your own.

A dream that makes you feel annoyed by the presence of fortune tellers and words may be an indication that you should not rely on others.

In this case, it means that one’s own efforts are more important to open up fate than to rely on the power of others or good luck to know whether or not to visit.

Interpretation of dreams: Genevieve-Sara by Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Publishing

[Dream interpretation] What is the meaning of a dream fortune-telling?

Fortune-telling dreams and fortune-telling dreams are the dreams you see when you are trying to resolve your current worries.

The reason for dreaming of fortune-telling is that there is a desire to have someone consult with you about your current problems.

The following is an excerpt from the dream interpretation book, for the fortune-telling dream items.

The meaning of a divination dream is a sign that stress is starting to accumulate. In the words of fortune-telling, hints for resolution are always hidden.

Dictionary to find the meaning of Deep Psychological Dream Interpretation by Yoko Shirai by Ikeda Shoten Publishing

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