If God came out in a dream, you would have been in a zone where you were objectively staring at yourself from the outside, leaving your body.

The god in the dream is the body of the soul, in other words the essence of yourself.

God’s dream has many spiritual stories, but beyond the psychological theory, the explanation in the dream interpretation book has strange power, so I would like you to see the following explanation of the dream interpretation book. I will.

The following is an excerpt of God’s items from the Dream Interpretation book.

It is “the brilliant self hidden in the bottom of my heart”. God appears because you are at the turning point in your life right now. You called the god, who couldn’t do anything in the traditional way of life. The words and gestures that God speaks are important Please receive the message from God firmly.

[Dream Interpretation] See the image of God.

① At the crossroads of your life, you are about to show the direction you should take.
② Your luck will improve.
③ Give birth to a child.

[Dream Interpretation] Receive blessing from God

① Open your luck and grab good luck.
② Go on the path you believed in and achieve great success.

God calls to himself.
Everything you do goes hand in hand.

[Dream Interpretation] Eat with God.

① There is some kind of assistance or salvation.
② There is a gain.

[Dream Interpretation] Receive the scolding of God.

① You are going in the wrong direction.
Immediate review of one’s way of life and way of thinking.
② Danger is imminent.

[Dream interpretation] God is turning his back.

You are turning your back on what is important to you. The cause of bad luck lies with you.

Definitive edition Yume Interpretation Encyclopedia by Fuji Tatsuhiko, published by Gakkensha

The psychologist Freud, who laid the foundation for dream interpretation, explained that “dreams” are seen to satisfy wishes.

The fact that God came out in a dream means that even in reality, there is a desire to cling to God.

If you go to a facility, church, etc. that is in line with your faith, you may simply fill yourself.

Eating with God is a good dream.

At such times, I’m feeling unlucky, so even in the real world, it might be a good idea to ask someone who I truly respect to eat with me.

The more successful people, the more I like to be relied on, and I think that you may be asked to share your unexpected meal together.

God’s dream meaning in dream interpretation

The meaning of the dreams that God comes out represents that you want someone in your life to be kind to you.

[Dream Interpretation] The meaning of the dream of God coming out

God’s message is basically a very good dream.

It has different meanings and interpretations depending on how God was involved in the dream.

If you have a religious belief, please think on your own.

You may have told the God of Dreams that if your family or acquaintances were praying, you should be concerned about their health. It’s a dream close to a predictive dream.

If you are involved, you may have some physical condition, so why not have a medical checkup? You may tell me that.

[Dream Interpretation] Meaning when the God in the Dream talks directly to you

You have an unachieved goal, and you care about it?

It is a dream that God (= your changed shape) will come to tell you that you should work harder.

You may be blaming yourself for not doing what you should do.

The following is an excerpt of God’s dream items from the Dream Interpretation book.

It’s a dream I have when I am full of confidence. However, you may also dig a grave hole that you do not believe in your strength. Don’t be brave.

Deep psychology Dream interpretation Encyclopedia to find the meaning of dreams Sayoko Shirai, published by Ikeda Shoten

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