dream of a handshake is looking for a new encounter.

It is a good idea to actively seek out a meeting place.

Dream of a handshake when you potentially want to connect with someone.
It indicates that there is not enough interaction with others.

[Meaning of dream] Three meanings of handshake dream

1. Most of the dreams of shaking hands are about new encounters.

2. I also dream to shake hands if I potentially want to connect with someone.

3. A sign that you have confidence in yourself that you are willing to shake hands

When you clearly remember the other person who shook hands in a dream

It shows that there is a secret feeling for the person who shakes hands.

If your opponent’s hands are cold, you seem to care about your impression.

If it’s warm, it indicates to the other person that you want to show something.

Excerpt from Saitosha, made by Mademoiselle Ai

Freud, the landlord of dream meaning, explained that he would see “dreams” to fulfill his wishes.

Shaking hands in my dreams, I want a new encounter. It means there is a desire to build relationships with new people.

Dream diagnosis of a handshake dream

It would be nice to engage with people more actively in the real world.
Specifically, you should invite your friends to play.

[Dream meaning] The meaning of a dream to shake hands from yourself

A dream of actively shaking hands is a sign that you are confident in yourself.
It’s when work luck is rising.

You are ready to make a connection with yourself.
It’s good to make an investment, or you can expand your business.

It’s also an opportunity to build unprecedented relationships.
You can create new relationships by actively engaging with people who have not had a close relationship.

Relationships are an important factor related to happiness.
The better your relationships, the easier your work will be, the less stress you will have, and the easier your life will be.
After dreaming of a handshake, it’s a good idea to increase the number of times you shake hands and greet yourself so that you can proactively create relationships with yourself.

[Dream meaning] Advice to those who dream of shaking hands

Shaking hands with strangers is an action that can only be done when you have a strong desire to improve your relationship with the other person.

Basically, I can only dream of shaking hands when my power is full.

It’s a good idea to try to interact with people (or create opportunities to interact with others) with confidence even in the real world.

Also, when the power to the outside is full, it is also the time when you can change your bad parts and bad habits.
It is even better to pay attention to the bad things you have now and be aware of new habits.

When you dream of shaking hands, it’s a good time to buy things or make big actions

I can only dream of shaking hands when I am confident.

It can be said that there is a very good opportunity for expensive shopping and investment.
In addition, you can make a profit not only to yourself but also to the other party with whom you made the transaction.

It’s when you have the power to make big decisions.
It’s good to be proactive and encourage people.

Below are excerpts from other dream-sense books about the dream of a handshake.

It also shows a positive desire to build better relationships with people, and a desire to back up from other people.

[Dream meaning] Shake hands with strangers

You will discover a new self that you are not aware of.

Having dreamed of shaking hands with someone I didn’t know, my shoulder had a good job.
In order to seize new business opportunities, you should actively create a meeting place for yourself.

[Dream meaning] The partner’s hand is cold

I care about the world more than necessary. It also implies that you will soon experience an insane relationship such as affair.

[Dream meaning] The other hand to shake hands is warm

A happy event occurs in the love problem.

Hit well! Dream Semantic Encyclopedia 1000: A message that calls for good for opening the door to the future Excerpted from Nagaoka Shoten by Mary Primavera

When you shake your hand in a dream, if your opponent feels warm and wrinkles, you are honestly surprised, right?

I personally learned that my hands were warm when I shook hands in a dream, so I remembered that impression.

Palm is a place where you can feel so many things.

The reason why lovers walk hand in hand is that they can convey various information from their palms.

In your dreams, the fact that your hands are warm means that your sensor is so sensitive.

[Dream meaning] When you analyze a dream of a handshake that feels warmth?

It seems that they are seeking a new relationship.

It’s a good idea to invite friends from yourself to create opportunities to play or interact with people.

Psychological state when dreaming of shaking hands

There is a psyche seeking new encounters.

If you are not in good condition, you can’t think that you want to meet outside.
So your mental state, dreaming of shaking hands, is very stable and in good condition.

You will be able to make a good relationship even if you seek a personal meeting, and it is also a good situation to work on something new.

The following is an excerpt of the dream item of a handshake from a dream meaning book.

It indicates that you are trying to establish a good relationship with the person you are shaking hands with.
Shaking hands with strangers indicates that you are accepting a new self, an unknown self.

Excerpt from Nippon Bungeisha, written by Yasutaka Muto

[Dream meaning] When you have a dream of shaking hands

Below is a sketch of a handshake dream from a dream meaning dictionary.

Shaking hands in a dream indicates that you want to make a reliable friend.

If the person you are shaking hands with is an acquaintance, you will want to be deeply involved with that person. If you are doing a comfortable handshake, you are likely to see a collaborator who is kind to you.

You shook hands in a dream but your opponent’s hand is cold.
It seems to be sensitive to the surroundings. You may be comparing yourself too much with other people or being too careful. Getting more out of your shoulders and interacting with people as they are will be the key to a good relationship for you and yourself.

Rejected in a dream trying to shake hands.
It warns that interpersonal relationships will be cracked. You need to look back on yourself for unknowingly downturned attitudes and improper behavior. Consider your attitude toward your surroundings before acting.

Mademoiselle Ale Metan, Mythical Publishing

What is the basic meaning of a handshake dream?

Shaking hands in a dream sense
It symbolizes the following three main points.

・The desire to build good relationships
・Feeling to ask for support from others
・Increasing personal luck

The dream of shaking hands is
It is an expression of the desire to build a good relationship with the people around you.

If the person shaking hands is impressive,
It implies the desire to be intimate with the person.

There are also cases that reflect your desire for support.

The dream of shaking hands is
Predicting the development of relationship with the other party,
It seems that it may imply an increase in interpersonal luck.

The dream of shaking hands is,
An important point in interpreting dreams.

A handshake in the meaning of a dream represents “harmony”, “face-to-face”, “touch”, “agree”, “admiration”, etc.

Dream of shaking hands with people at work
The dream of shaking hands with people at work represents an increase in interpersonal luck at work.
It is a good dream suggestion that you can continue to work at good distances regardless of your colleagues or bosses.

If you are thinking of starting a new business, you may find a good business partner.
Regardless of nationality or educational background, if you think that it is good, let’s speak out actively.

You may come up with a great idea from an unexpected perspective.
Good thoughts do not come to you if you think too much.
Refreshing is also an important task.

A handshake dream is basically a good dream.
The meaning of the greeting is to be willing to accept the other person without being hostile.

For this reason, a dream of shaking hands means a positive attitude to harmonize with other people and those around them, to enjoy meeting and interacting, and to build better relationships.

The basic meaning of a handshake dream

・The desire to build good relationships
・Feeling to ask for support from others
・Increasing personal luck

Handshaking dream meaning by pattern

1. A dream to shake hands with acquaintances and friends
→Sign that actually progresses with the other party

・Dream of shaking hands with the opposite sex
→ Perhaps the love is beginning to develop for the other person

Dream to shake hands with your favorite person
→Indication of the desire to become friends with the other person

Dream to shake hands with strangers
→Indication of willingness to build new relationships

4. A dream to shake hands with an entertainer
→If your partner is a celebrity, your desire will be expressed

Dream to shake hands with the left hand
→ It may be a sign that the relationship with the other party becomes estranged

Dream of a comfortable handshake
→ Means improvement in interpersonal luck

A dream that feels bad when you shake hands
→ Implies a drop in interpersonal luck

A hand that shook hands is a warm dream
→ The chances of feeling kindness and affection of people are likely to increase

The hand of the other person shaking hands is a cold dream
→Signs protected by human relationships

Dream of rejecting a handshake
→Unable to build relationships that people think
Feel stress and loneliness

A dream that requires a handshake
→ Represents a passive attitude towards human relationships

・A dream that many people want to shake hands
Telling you that there are people around you

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