Head related dreams reflect what is in your head right now.

If you’re dreaming to wash your head, you’re ready to sort out your thoughts and get a fresh start.

【Dream meaning】A dream to wash your head

A dream to wash your head means to clean up and organize your head.
It’s when your mind is clear and your thoughts are well organized.

Think about your whole life plan.

【Dream meaning】A dream of washing hair carefully shows the desire to wash away stress.

If you were washing your head in a dream because it was dirty, it was a dream to inform yourself of the stressful situation.

In that case, you should clean up your house and clean it to improve the environment and reduce stress.

If you have a big head or a small head in your dream, there are some things that have changed in appearance.

The following is a summary of how you should think in dream interpretation when something strange changes.

【Dream meaning】big head

If you are worried about your head or you have a dream that makes you think of it, you need to reconsider things from different perspectives.

As it is, the field of view will be narrower and you will have to choose a roundabout route, resulting in more pain and worry.

It’s a good sign to look at your big head. It is also a symbol of good luck and happiness.

[Dream interpretation] small head

A small head represents anxiety and worry. It is also a warning that you are nervous because you care about the details.

【Dream meaning】I have no head

It is a message to leave it to you. If you think too much about things, you will get stuck.

You can get lucky if you relax your shoulders and let it flow.

【Dream meaning】Injury your head, cut off your head, and hurt your head

Everything has a warning meaning.
Selfish actions, selfish feelings, and negative thoughts can lead to destructive actions.
Please act carefully when you have this dream.

【Dream meaning】I’m wearing a mask on my head

You may be obsessed with strange ideas. You may be caught in a delusion and behave in a way that deviates from common sense. Caution is required.

【Dream meaning】Distorted head

A warning that you are a scam. It seems that the commitment is too strong to compromise. Please note that it is easy to cause troubles with the surroundings.
If you feel creepy more like a demon than a distorted head, please refer to the dream of a demon zombie.

【Dream interpretation】Look only at the head without the body

It means freedom from all suffering. It tells us that our tough times have come to an end and that a new and exciting time has come.

【Dream meaning】Has become an animal’s head

This is your chance to find a new role. In particular, there is a possibility that he will lose his hesitation in terms of work and take on a new position.

Dream Interpretation Mademoiselle Ai Saitosha Publishing

【Dream meaning】A dream to bow

I’m scared. Only the neck! You might think that.
However, the dream of looking only at the head is not particularly significant.

You’re walking in the city, and you have a face that catches your eye for some reason.
Just having your mind in that way does not mean anything special.

The following is a headline excerpt from another dream interpretation book.

It’s a warning from your dreams that you’re too self-centered.

Have you ever been waving around without being aware of yourself these days? People around you are almost at the limit.
Dreams that change the shape of your head also imply that shocking events that could change your view of life will occur soon.

You may need to prepare yourself.

Deep Psychological Dream Interpretation Encyclopedia to Find the Meaning of Dreams, written by Yoko Shirai, published by Ikeda Shoten

【Dream interpretation】 If you have something on your head, what does it mean to be injured or get injured?

There may be a dream to foresee being injured. It’s good to live with an accident.

Also, the dream of making something in your head is the dream you have when you are mentally unstable.
It is a dream that needs attention because it may suggest that you need to change your mind.

It is important to live safely and to take the time to read and talk to friends and to have a relaxing time.

【Dream meaning】Heavy head, no head up

It shows that the field of view is narrowed.

On the contrary, in the real world, it is a hint that it is better to raise your head and collect more information.

【Dream meaning】A dream that can hold your head

It seems that I am feeling the stress of interpersonal relationships. It’s a good idea to spend as much time with friends as you can with peace of mind, as much as you spend with people you don’t care about.

【Dream meaning】A dream that can be made in your head

It may be unhygienic due to insufficient shampooing. Or maybe your scalp is really in poor condition.

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