Staying in the hospital in a dream is a warning dream that tells you that your condition is bad.

How can your psychological state when you dream of being in a hospital be treated less importantly? It is thought that the heart is injured.

【Dream meaning】Hospital = place to recover = place to heal wounds

I have a dream of having the psychology of treating a broken heart at the hospital.

【Dream meaning】Psychological advice to those who dreamed of hospital

A hospital dream is a dream in which your essence tells you the situation where you are hurt.

If you find yourself hurt, focus on healing it.
It’s a good idea to take a good break for a while dreaming of a hospital.

Below is a selection of hospital items from the Dream Interpretation book.

Dream meaning A dream to see a hospital

You are a little self-righteous.

Are you just thinking that you are right?

You should sometimes listen to the opinions of others.

Deep psychological dream interpretation Excerpt from Ikeda Shoten, written by Yoko Shirai, encyclopedia for finding the meaning of dreams
If you are sick and dream of going to a doctor, see the “Doctor” Dream Interpretation page below.

The following is an excerpt of a dream interpretation of a doctor’s dream from a dream interpretation book.

【Dream meaning】Meaning of a doctor’s dream: A doctor’s dream is a very good dream

The doctor in your dreams is your own healing power, and an instinctual effort to protect your mental and physical health.

A doctor’s dream also means that you want someone to sit down and heal you. Alternatively, it represents anxiety about the actual illness.

If the doctor in the dream is the go-to person, you should be healed. The doctor’s words need to be kept in mind. Because it is the wisdom that leads you to good health and the keyword that brings peace to your heart.

Excerpt from Nihon Bungeisha, written by Yasutaka Muto

The dream of a sick person indicates that you are too afraid to get hurt in the relationship with those around you. Perhaps you’re even shy to your best friend? You should appeal to yourself more honestly.

Deep psychological dream interpretation Excerpt from Ikeda Shoten by Sayoko Shirai, Encyclopedia to find the meaning of dreams
Dream meaning A dream to see a hospital
Hospital means “evacuation site” or “quarantine”.

The desire to temporarily leave the harsh social life, want to take a break, and be isolated is becoming the image of a hospital.

However, in the dream of a hospital in the sense of an evacuation center, the image of surgery or large-scale treatment is usually not given.

If you have surgery in your dreams of a hospital, it’s “trying to cure the sick part of your heart” or “trying to remove what you don’t need.” is.

Please be aware that there are cases in Predictive Dreams that suggest an actual illness.

【Dream meaning】A dream to leave the hospital

Get out of the predicament.
If a person with a serious illness actually has this dream, or if a close relative has a dream that the seriously ill person is discharged from the hospital, there is a possibility of a prediction dream of death.

【Dream meaning】A dream to see a hospital

① There is a person who has to visit someone.
② you feel like taking a rest.
③ There is a problem that must be cured.

【Dream meaning】A dream that is hospitalized

you want to temporarily retire from my social life.

you want somebody to worry about me and to love me.

Definitive edition, Yume Interpretation Encyclopedia by Tatsuhiko Fuji, from Gakken

【Dream meaning】A dream of getting sick

If you were sick in a dream, see the Dream Interpretation page below.

【Dream meaning】I have a energy loss because I have a dream of illness

Dream meaning A dream  hospital
If you’ve been sick in your dreams, you’ll wonder if you’re really sick, but that’s okay.

【Dream meaning】What is the meaning of dream to get sick?

Freud, the dream interpreter, explained that “dreams” are seen to balance the real world.
Analyzing the dream of a psychiatrist Freud who analyzed the dream?

Freud explained that dreams are the fulfillment of desires.
Being sick in a dream means being worried about getting sick.

I feel sick when I feel a little tired. You may think that because you have a weak heart.

I’m really sick. If nothing looks bad, it’s good to have a good feeling and enjoy life.

However, it may be a dream that tells you what’s really wrong with you, so be careful.

The following is an excerpt from the Dream Interpretation book about illness dreams. It’s a dream diagnosis for people with physical problems.

The meaning depends on which part of the body gets sick, but basically it means that it is going in the wrong direction.

Interpret the content written in each item of “Body” in the opposite way if the content is good, or in the worse direction if it is bad content ….

If your dream was to have surgery, think about what’s causing it and try to improve as quickly as possible.

Deep psychological dream interpretation Excerpt from Ikeda Shoten by Sayoko Shirai, Encyclopedia to find the meaning of dreams

I searched overseas dream interpretation websites, and only sketched out the contents that you should know.

I dream of illness because I have energy loss, because it is from a dream interpretation site overseas.

For the problem you are having now, it was written that being in a state of exhaustion and being tired caused you to dream of getting sick.

【Dream meaning】Dreams that other people are ill

It is a dream that I have when I have something to say or a fault I want to point out to a person who was sick in a dream.
Whether the person you are acquainted with, a family member, or a person you have a relationship with, there is something wrong with it, indicating that you care about it.

The following is an excerpt of the sick item from other dream interpretation books.

Dream illness is a symbol of “living illness” and “heart illness”.

It’s unlikely that you will get the disease you dream of.

If you get sick, you will have to take time off from work, school, or interrupt your housework. Therefore, we are showing the possibility that such a situation will occur in the image of illness.

However, in some cases, the desire to escape from work, school, housework, childcare, etc., or the desire to take a break can be a dream of illness.

This means that the stress of mind and body is accumulating.

If you are bullied at school or are isolated at work but cannot stop attending, the symbol of illness is used as a good reason to rest. This is a kind of self-defense.

Dream illness may have hidden SOS in mind and body, so it needs to be carefully analyzed.

For dreams that a specific part is sick, refer to each part.

【Dream meaning】A dream that heals illness

Dream meaning  dream  hospital
A good dream that tells a turnaround

【Dream meaning】A dream of getting sick

Job deadlines, leftovers, and unemployment.
Deteriorating living conditions.
Under the current conditions, things get worse and worse. First of all, we have to be aware of the meaning of why “illness comes”.

【Dream meaning】A dream to be infected with an infectious disease

I’m trying to get into something bad or a group. Or there is the threat of being taken in or being affected.
I am dragged not by my own judgment but by the judgments and thoughts of others.
If you are sent to the opposite sex, you have a love for that person.

Definitive edition, Yume Interpretation Encyclopedia by Tatsuhiko Fuji, from Gakken

The dream that the doctor came out is super lucky! There is a good thing

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