When you have a hump in your dreams, I think that part of it might be bad in reality, so I’m really worried.

I myself had a big hump on my leg in my dream, and I was very interested in it.

This page summarizes my research on humps.

What does it mean if something happens to your body in a dream?

Not only humps, but also swellings, or any disturbing things on the body, are explained in this dream interpretation hump page.

The following is a snippet of the hump item from the Dream Interpretation book.

【Dream meaning】The meaning of hump’s dream

It is a symbol of “annoying obstacles and worries”.

What the obstacle is is determined by the site where the bump is present.

The larger the bump, the more time it takes to resolve. Also, unlike small scratches, bumps are clearly visible from the eyelids.

Remember that dreaming of something that stands out means being good or bad and attracting the attention of others.

【Dream meaning】A hump can be removed

good dream
Freed from the problems that have been plagued up to now.

Definitive edition Yume Interpretation Encyclopedia by Fuji Tatsuhiko, published by Gakkensha

The following is an excerpt from the book on dream interpretation, which shows that the legs are injured or ill.

【Dream meaning】Your foot gets injured or ill

A sign that you should put all your energy into one thing. If you have any questions, let’s decide the priority first.

Made by Interpretation Mademoiselle Ai Saitosha Publishing

If you have a dream with a hump in your legs, it seems to reflect that you are not currently working on one thing.

Dreams of seeing or worrying about your feet are also evidence of tiredness.

Measures【Dream meaning】Be careful of people who have a hump in their dreams

It’s a good dream to recover from bumps and rough skin.

If the hump doesn’t heal, it’s a concern.

Below are excerpts of the hump dream items from other dream interpretation books.

【Dream interpretation】hump

A humping dream shows that energy is not circulating well.

In other words, it means that the mind is not balanced and the damage cannot be healed. For example, it seems that the shock I received before has not yet been resolved, and that it has become a big complex and a big dissatisfaction.
You need to make sure your complaint doesn’t explode suddenly, and at the same time find a way to get rid of it.

【Dream meaning】 A hump on the shoulder

You seem confident in your physical fitness. It shows that it is more suitable for manual labor than deskwork.

[Dream interpretation] A hump on the back

It indicates that you are suffering from a work or responsibility that fits your own hands.

Made by Yume Interpretation Mademoiselle Ai Saitosha Publishing

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