Warning of infectious disease! Maybe they are detecting a virus.
If you have a dream of suffering from an infectious disease, you should check for abnormalities in body temperature and blood pressure.

【Dream meaning】The meaning of infectious disease dream

The dream of an infectious disease is a possible abnormal message from the body.

The dream of infectious disease is a dream that you will see when you are feeling ill and have negative thoughts.

When you have a cold and are sick, you may dream of becoming infected.
infection dream mean
It seems better to be careful about your physical condition even now.

In the Dream Analysis book, infection is interpreted as pregnancy.
The dream of getting infected by a bacterium means getting pregnant and possibly having sex.

Checkpoint after dreaming of infectious disease.

If it wasn’t a physical problem, you may have lost your psychological well-being, or you may have seen it due to work or relationship stress.

If you have a dream of sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, or AIDS, you may want to suspect your partner’s affair.

infection dream mean
A dream to get infected with the new coronavirus.
If you have a dream of getting infected with the prevalent coronavirus, the main cause is that you are too worried about the coronavirus.

Dreams reflect what you are most interested in at that time.

You should be worried about newcomers, but once you’ve taken the measures, you can’t help but worry.

Advice for those who have dreamed of infectious diseases.
If you care too much about powerful infections, such as the coronavirus virus, you may be more interested in the coronavirus.

Time is finite for everyone. Whether you’re worried or optimistic and enjoyable depends on your mindset.

Do what you can, such as masks and handwashing, and do what you can do positively now.

Freud’s interpreter, Freud, argued that “dreams” are something we try to balance with the real world.
Being sick in a dream means being worried about getting sick.
Analyzing the dream of a psychiatrist Freud who analyzed the dream?

Freud explained that dreams are the fulfillment of desires.

Did you feel sick after feeling a little tired? You may think that you are weakening your own mind.

Disease is sincere. If nothing seems bad, it is good to have a good feeling and enjoy life.

But be careful, it’s a dream that really tells you what’s wrong with your body.

Some dream interpretations have no connection with actual communicable diseases and infectious diseases.

Interpretation: Dream of Infecting Infectious Diseases
(1) It is about to be taken in by undesirable things and groups. Or there is a threat that it will be taken in or affected.
(2) You are dragged by your surroundings and your thoughts, not your own.
(3) If the person is the opposite sex, you are in love with that person.
The definitive edition Encyclopedia of Dreams written by Tatsuhiko Fuji Gakken Publishing
It is written in the dream dictionary like this.

[Dream interpretation] Dream to be sick shows desire to escape reality

The dream of becoming sick appears to want to escape from unpleasant reality and worries. It rarely signals real illness.

In addition, the trauma of the heart that I suffered in the past may appear as a dream of illness.

I’m looking for someone I can rely on. If nursing is of the opposite sex, it seems to be a manifestation of love aspirations.

Hit well! Dream Interpretation Encyclopedia 1000 Opening to the Future A Message for Good Luck By Mary Primavera Nagaoka Shoten Publishing
It is written in the dream dictionary like this.

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