If you have a strange intruder in your home in your dream, you’re really scared, right?
When I dreamed of an intruder in a house that I thought was not there,
I was so scared that I immediately looked at the meaning of the intruder by dream interpretation dictionary.

Immediately after seeing this dream, when I wrote down the contents of the dream on my smartphone, I remembered the dream chillingly.

… But in the analysis of dream, there was an analysis that the intruder’s dream had an infinitely low spiritual relationship.

For those of you who are surprised at the dreams of an intruder in the house and search.

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Overview【Dream interpretation】The meaning of the dream that the intruder had

  • If you can get rid of the intruder, good will happen. Good luck.
  • If you have a dream that you couldn’t get rid of the intruder, you’ll need to take a physical examination and pay attention to your physical condition.
  • There is an interpretation of intruder = myself. * Dream diagnosis examples are posted on this page.
  • If the dreamed intruder feels spiritual?
 intruder's dream

intruder’s dream

【Dream meaning】The meaning of a dream coming out of a stranger.

You’d be surprised if someone in your dream home doesn’t know if you’re a thief, a suspicious individual, or what purpose you’re in.

【Dream meaning】The following is an excerpt from a book about dream.


The dream of entry of strangers into the room is an expression of your defenseless physical condition.

It mainly reflects the current irregularities, irregular sleep states, and disturbances in daily rhythm.

If you dream of an intruder frequently, it may be a sign of illness or illness, so try to improve your sleeping and living environment.

In particular, a person entering from the entrance expresses a state in which sleep is hindered by sleep disturbance or some external stimulus.

Note, however, that an image of an intruder coming through a window from the ceiling can be a hint of incidents, incidents, or sudden troubles that may occur in the surrounding area.

It is a dream fortune-telling that can be thought of as a cause of poor physical condition that invades the body like an invader.

When thinking about dream telling, the attitude of an intruder is also an important diagnostic factor.

【Dream meaning】Dream diagnosis based on the intruder’s dream I saw

 intruder's dream

Dream diagnosis is possible like intruder = yourself.
In the light of your own intruder’s dream, this is intuitively true, and in some cases this may be the case.

The following is a dream note I actually saw. Since it is a sentence that puts the contents of the dream into the notepad of the smartphone while getting up, the style is not polite, but it will be posted as it is.

“The house is empty and empty. There was a strange bald intruder.
What are you doing, trespassing! And grab his arm and drive it out. Is the wall stain uncomfortable?
I was told. I was a bit spiritual and scared.
I manage to get rid of it. ”
That’s the intruder’s dream I actually saw.

In the invaders that come out of this dream, in fact, in the interpretation of dream divination,
Intruder = myself
Can be diagnosed.

【Dream meaning】Analyzing the dream of a psychiatrist Freud who analyzed the dream?

Freud explained that dreams are the fulfillment of desires.

In my case, I instantly thought of the intruder in my house as a spirit and tried to get rid of it.

If we consider this action in the way of Freud’s dream analysis, we realize that in our dreams the desire to “take out intruders” is fulfilled.

I searched about 15 dream sites to find out about intruder dreams.

Every site said that the dream intruder was myself, but I think it was different.

The intruder in the dream has a person like the intruder in the real world, and I think that the stress of that person is appearing in the dream. And I think your actions against the intruder are your desire now.

If you do not like it and want to get rid of it, your desire is to reject the person or to leave the person.

Psychological state when dreaming of a stranger invading the house.
Even if things are going well in the real world, isn’t there something wrong? I’m worried about this.

If you can’t get rid of the intruder and end your disappointed dream, you can take a physical examination and take care of your physical condition so that you can work on the real world with peace of mind.

【Dream meaning】If the dreamed intruder feels spiritual

Basically, you may want to listen to the message of a deceased person who you know, but if you don’t have a message, think of the intruder as yourself and overlook You should think that.

If the intruder doesn’t seem to be himself, it means that there are people in the real world who have invaded the area of ??your mind.

Your desire is reflected in the actions you have taken against the dream intruder.

I think it’s good to be able to protect yourself if you don’t forget what you really think of someone who invades the heart area in the real world.

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