The knees in your dreams reflect your health and how well you are doing.

[Dream diagnosis] Kneeling dream

The dream of sitting down is a dream that people often blame at work and at home.

Maybe it’s when you’ve been overworked, exhausted, and weakened.

If you’re tired and have a dream that something will hurt, you can take a good rest, or simply allow yourself some time to rest and listen to relaxing music while spending time at rest. We recommend that you make time to recover.

The following is an excerpt of the knee dream items from the Dream Diagnosis book.

The knees and knees symbolize “health status” and “work status.”

However, it is not a symbol that has a heavy meaning.

Knees have a special meaning to people in occupations whose knees have a significant meaning, such as athletes, people who sit and work, and religious people who worship on a daily basis. It is considered.

They need to think about what the knee means to them.

[Dream diagnosis] A dream that injures a knee

There is a touch of work.

People who work around, such as sales, should be especially careful.

[Dream diagnosis] A dream that plants grow from the knees to the knees

① Implication that the knee is useless.
Be careful not to get stuck in work. If a person walking around, such as a sales person, has this dream, be careful not to lose his job or transfer to another job.
② Forerunner of illness.
You don’t need to move your knees when you lie down.

[Dream Diagnosis] Knees, tired knees, weakening dreams

Decline or implied illness.

[Dream diagnosis] A man kneels in front of a woman

It falls into a situation where people laugh.

Yume Diagnostic Encyclopedia by Tatsuhiko Fuji, Gakken Publishing Co., Ltd.

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