[Dream meaning] Be careful of water quality in dreams of ponds and springs! If you are beautiful, you are in good physical condition!

Dreams related to springs and ponds are rare, so it’s easy to make an impression.

Summary in 1 minute Psychology when dreaming of a pond

The psychology when you dream of a pond is that you want a calm psychological state like a pond (= that you are not in a calm situation now)
Psychological state where stress is due to unstable relationship with lover
The results of psychological analysis are divided depending on how you think about the pond in your dreams

Meaning of dream that pond and lake come out Summary

If you look at a lot of water such as a pond or a lake, it will be a good dream if the water surface is calm or the water is clean.

There are seven main meanings to the dream of a pond coming out. Below is an explanation of the seven meanings.

[Dream meaning] Meaning when fishing on the lake

It is in a state of increasing love luck.

[Dream meaning] When swimming in the lake

It’s a dream to understand the state of the water rather than looking at the lake from the outside.
Was the water condition clean?
If the water is clean, it means that your mental state is calm and you are ready to accept good things.

In addition, the dream of swimming in a pond or lake shows that your work is getting the attention of others.

For the time being after dreaming, it’s better to work harder than usual. It will surely lead to a good evaluation.

The following is an excerpt of the pond item from the dream meaning book.

If a beautiful pond comes to your dreams, it shows that you will benefit.
You may be able to expect an increase in income such as temporary income.

The key to reading the pond is the appearance of water.

Depending on whether or not the water is clean, the light and dark are removed. If the water is clean, it’s a good dream.

[Dream meaning] Water is flowing from the pond

Good luck and no matter what you do, it will work. But it didn’t come by chance.

The results of your correct way of life and deeds will be revealed. Be confident.

[Meaning of a dream] A pond is created

The actions of acquaintances and friends can hurt you.

Don’t just believe in the other person’s words, but also pay attention to your surroundings and opinions.

[Dream meaning] Drown in the pond

This is a manifestation of instinctive caution regarding water.

If you have this dream, be careful when approaching the water.

[Dream meaning] Look into the pond

The water surface when you look into it reflects in the heart of the person approaching you.

If you see dark, stagnant water, it is an indication that someone who is planning something is approaching.

[Dream meaning] dig a pond

There is a warning that you should not act on your own initiative. If you act without understanding the essence, you can quickly get stuck.

Pond with fish

It represents an increase in income. However, ponds with dead fish show losses.

Excerpt from Saitosha, made by Mademoiselle Ai

[Dream meaning] Interpretation of dream of Ike

A good dream if the pond water is calm.
If you have something you want to do and a goal you want to do, it’s better to take the initiative even more.

Those who have no particular goals or want to do do not need to do anything.
The calmness of the ponds and lakes represents a calm and peaceful state of your life right now.

A dream drowning in a pond is scary, but it can also be a predictive dream.

Be careful when approaching the waterfront for a while.

The following is an excerpt of the pond item from other dream meaning books.

The dreams of ponds and swamps are a symbol of the desire to “comfort” through love. Isn’t you really enjoying yourself in your current romance? You might want to reconsider your relationship with him.

Deep Psychology Dream Meaning Excerpt from Ikeda Shoten by Sayoko Shirai, Dictionary of Finding the Meaning of Dreams

The dream of a place like a lake or pond where there is a lot of water but no waves is roughly divided into two patterns.

The first pattern is a dream showing that an unexpected event is about to happen.
The other pattern is a dream that shows the inner condition.

In most dreams, the fountain and pond surface will be stable and complete the dream without any accidents, indicating that your mental state is calm and healthy.

Below are excerpts from the Izumi and Ike items in the dream book.

It shows that you can get a social evaluation. It’s a good opportunity for your idea to be recognized, so you should actively participate in suggestions and presentations.

[Dream meaning] What is the meaning of holding the spring

Reaching to the spring is a good hint of love. Someone who has a good affinity with each other and can be in a natural state with each other appears, and they will soon develop into love.

[Meaning of dream] What does the spring mean

The clear and clear water of the spring is a good sign and the best dream. It is an indication of good luck.

Water rust indicates the flowering of talent. Blessed with unique ideas, you can open the way by competing with bold ideas for work or study.

[Dream meaning] What is the meaning of the fountain

It has the meaning of a warning. The hope you’ve been holding may turn into a disappointment.

However, if you stick to the end, the damage may spread further.

However, if there is even a small amount of water left, and if it is clean water, then the bad meaning disappears and hope is born.

Excerpt from Saitosha, made by Mademoiselle Ai

The appearance in the lake represents the inner appearance of oneself

The lake dream expresses a calm feeling.

The following is an excerpt of lake items from a dream book.

You can say that it is your inside that is reflected in the lake.

A dream of entering the lake is a sign of feeling introverted.

Good luck … If the lake is soft and the water is clean, your mind is stable.

A boating dream on the lake shows that emotional control is in order.

Bad luck … If the water is dirty or there are small waves, your heart may be a bit unstable.

If you have a dream of ice on a lake, try to put your hands on your chest to see if it’s cold for you.

Excerpt from Yume Meaning, Genevieve, Sara, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha

[Dream meaning] Meaning of a calm waterfront such as a pond, lake, or oasis

The following is a draft of an oasis item from a dream book.

It shows that you can get away from the busyness of everyday life and get a leisurely time. In the near future, you’ll have vacation and travel opportunities.

Excerpt from Saitosha, made by Mademoiselle Ai

I myself dreamed of swimming in a pond, but unfortunately the water in the pond was very muddy.

When I dreamed of this pond, my condition was tired and sick, and I went to bed after drinking alcohol.

That night, I had a dream of diving in a very muddy pond.

If you have a dream of diving in a cloudy pond, it’s good to take a rest for a few days to recover your strength.

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