Light dreams are good dreams. Light is a symbol of energy. It is a good dream if the light you see is comfortable.

Meaning of Akari’s dream in 10 seconds
A dream whose brightness is visible is a good dream
The dream of lighting a light by myself, such as turning on a flashlight, is because I have a strong desire to change the current situation.
It’s very likely that the dream that the lights were worried about was dark (night?). In that case, please refer to the item of the meaning of the night dream.
[Dream meaning] A dream that saw a dazzling light is a good dream

Light is a symbol of energy. It is a good dream if the light you see is comfortable.
It represents a state of happiness and good luck.

Akari in a dream shows her own vision.

You may not have been aware of it in your dreams, but the fact that there is a spotlight like a spotlight means that it was night or a dark place.

The following is an excerpt of the light items from a dream meaning book.

Lighted dreams, in general, open the door to the future.

At the same time, luminaires such as fluorescent lamps also express pleasure including sexual meaning, implying that the brighter the light, the more fun.

[Dream meaning] A dream to turn on the lighting equipment yourself

Turning on the lighting fixtures gives me the feeling of wanting to enjoy even more fun.

[Dream meaning] The light is dark

There seems to be concern about the future. It may be impatient.

[Dream meaning] A light can be seen in the distance

It’s time consuming, but proof that your efforts will pay off.

[Dream meaning] When it is partially illuminated like a spotlight

In this case, it is better to pay attention to what was illuminated rather than the light.

[Dream meaning] A dream to see the light of another house

I feel envious of others.
If you don’t think of yourself as yourself and others as others, you will never be happy.

[Meaning of dream] Light dream of lighting

If you turn on the light in your dreams, it’s time for yourself.
It is time to exercise and judge. It’s a good time to try something new and new to you.

Having a portable light such as a flashlight or handlight is also a dream when you have power.

[Dream meaning] A dream to turn off lights such as a flashlight

The dream of turning off the light was also an action, so when I have action and judgment.

A dream to turn on the light, a dream to turn off the light by one’s own will control the light, so it is a dream to look at when there is energy.

On the other hand, regardless of your will, the dream of being extinguished is a dream of stress being interfered by by someone.

It can be seen when the relationships between home and work environments are deteriorating.

The following is an excerpt of the dream dream item from the dream meaning book.

Whether it’s a torch light or a flashlight, it means that respect for the people around you is useful for your work. However, if it disappears, I’m likely to lose motivation because of the opposite sex. Cheer up and be more solid! !

Excerpt from Asuka Shinsha by Russell Grant

The following is an excerpt of a street lamp dream item from a dream meaning book.

It seems that I am waiting for the result of my efforts and the answer to what I was asking the other person.

[Dream meaning] Bright streetlight

The good news will be what you have been waiting for. The worries you’ve had up until now are like lies, and your hearts will be filled with joy and joy.

[Dream meaning] Street lights without lights, dark street lights

There is no hope of dissatisfaction with the current situation, which will be resolved for a while. You’ll have to be a little more patient with your heart. However, this situation may not change in the future. There is a possibility, so it is important not to give up.

Excerpt from Saitosha, made by Mademoiselle Ai

The brightness of the illumination that appears in a dream is an index for measuring interpersonal relationships.

When the illuminations that came out in your dream were bright, it would have been a fun and playful atmosphere.
When I have a dream like this, it’s when interpersonal relationships are strong.

[Dream meaning] Illumination (night light, neon) dream summary

A dream of seeing the opposite sex and the nightscape shows that the luck of interpersonal relationships such as love and friendship is rising.
Illuminating the image to illuminate is a good dream that your worries will disappear
An unusual type of illumination is a healthy warning
Nightmares when the illumination lights are dark
[Dream meaning] An unusual type of illumination dream

It is a signal that something is wrong.

It implies that it is time to be careful of your physical condition.

If you have a point that you usually do not eat, you should refrain from it.

For example, if you like drinking, refrain from drinking as much as possible.

Meaning when the illuminations in the dream were illuminating strangers [dream meaning]

It shows that there are things you should do if you are not aware.
It’s a good idea to check what you have forgotten and check for any procedures.

The following is an excerpt from a dream book.

[Dream meaning] Illumination dreams that sparkle at night show good luck in human relationships

Interpersonal luck will rise and you will have a warm hearted exchange with your lover and friends.

If you’re seeing someone in a dream, that’s a preview.

In the near future, we will be together and see the beautiful illuminations.

It would be even better if you were looking down at the illuminations from above.

The love we have now will be confirmed and we will be able to love each other in good faith.

Excerpt from Saitosha, made by Mademoiselle Ai

[Meaning of dream] Advice for people who dream of illumination

If you see beautiful illuminations at night, you can expect good luck in love and relationships.
It’s a good dream if you feel like you’re shining.

However, even if it is called illumination, there is a high possibility that the meaning of the warning is included in the case of an illumination that draws attention like a red light.

It is good to make a judgment based on how you feel when you see the illumination.

[Dream meaning] Light Illumination Meaning of neon dream

The streets, neon lights, and illuminations have a meaning of induction.

Below are excerpts of illumination dreams from different dream meaning books.

It is a symbol of “light that guides you”.

[Dream meaning] Illumination dream good dream pattern
[Dream meaning] Illumination A dream with bright neon lights and bright spotlights

① The outlook becomes brighter. The view opens.
② Visit of good ideas and inspiration. Or get good advice.

[Dream meaning] Buy lights, lights and illuminations

① We are making an effort to open up the outlook. Or, the effort is paying off.
② Visit of good ideas and inspiration. Or get good advice.
You can see the light of the light in the distance.
Even if it’s painful now, the road will open up in the future. Do your best without rushing.

[Dream meaning] Nightmare when the illumination is dark
A dream that the illumination lights are dark and flashing

① The outlook becomes dark.
② It is difficult to fulfill my wishes.
Note who the light is. When a person comes to a dream as something for a particular person, that person’s future will cause worries and worries.

Excerpt from the final version, Yume Meaning Encyclopedia by Tatsuhiko Fuji, Gakken

[Meaning of dream] If you dream of illumination, you must not cut corners!

The following are excerpts of illumination dream items from other dream meaning books.

It means glorious glance. Even if you are lucky in your studies or work, you must remember that your luck is temporary and will not last.
If you feel the light of illumination even when you wake up, you will continue to be lucky, but if you pull out your hand, you will be unlucky, so be careful.

Hit well! Dream Meaning Encyclopedia 1000 Opening the door to the future Message of good luck Excerpt from Nagaoka Shoten by Mary Primavera

The following are excerpts of illumination dream items from other dream meaning books.

[Dream meaning] The dream of illumination is super lucky!

No matter where you are, the dazzling illumination gives you luck in what you are most interested in.

Excerpt from Asuka Shinsha by Russell Grant

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