The face you put on in your dreams symbolizes your consciousness and emotions.

You also dream of making up when you are wondering what others think of you.

The dream of making up is based on the desire to be well-liked by your people.

When you put on makeup in your dreams, it shows your desire to make yourself look more capable than you should be.

Makeup is the act of putting another good face on top of the original face.
Be careful not to be fooled for a while when someone else is wearing makeup nearby. This is a dream when you feel something is wrong with the people around you.

Shows the desire to make yourself look more capable than your actual ability.

However, if you are in a dream and you are removing makeup, it means that you want to acquire your abilities.

I will explain the meaning of the dream of making up more deeply.

Makeup is to put another face on top of the original face.

From there, the dream of makeup means “let’s get on the surface” and “hide the true intention”.

Also, “the desire to pay attention to yourself” can be the cause of your makeup dreams.

In your dreams, you can make up well in interpersonal relationships, especially in romantic relationships.

It’s a dream that you are showing yourself well externally.

When you dream of removing makeup, you show a desire to return to your true self.

However, if you are disappointed with your face after removing your makeup, it indicates that you are not yet confident enough to live with your face.

Your dream of putting on makeup shows your desire to be noticed by others.
It may also indicate your desire to hide something.

A dream of good makeup shows that one’s charm is well transmitted to the opposite sex.

Show that you are confident in your makeup technique in reality.

Makeup dreams also reflect your love affairs. Ongoing love goes well, and if you have a crush, you may be in love with each other.

A dream that you can’t make up well makes you feel a trouble in love.

A dream of someone wearing heavy makeup is proof that you don’t trust that person.
You may be secretly thinking that the person is hiding his or her true intentions and dealing with the person.

Also, the dream you have of heavy makeup shows that you are not open to the people around you.

Dreaming of removing makeup is a manifestation of the desire to stop going away and see yourself as a real face.
You may be tired of pretending to be yourself.

The dream of removing makeup and becoming anxious may be because you are decorating yourself in front of your lover.

Unless you show yourself more honestly, you won’t see any progress in your love.

The dream of removing makeup and appearing in public is proof that you have regained the confidence you had lost.

In such a case, the correct answer is to stick to your honest attitude. That way, your interpersonal relationships will be smooth.
Also, when you have a dream like this, there is a good chance that you will be successful in romance or work.

If your face in reality is a social face, your face with make-up in your dreams is your true intention.
Your face with make-up in your dreams is like a monitor that shows your condition.

If you had a bad complexion in your dreams, then you have something wrong.

The good and bad of makeup shows your luck from the present to the near future.

If the complexion of others in your dreams is clearly pale, or if your own complexion is pale, be careful of your physical condition.

A dream in which you look in the mirror and feel that your complexion is not good indicates that you are not in good health.

Watch out for changes in your body as it may be a precursor to your illness. Also, not only your physical condition, but you may be mentally well.

Your dream of putting on makeup is a sign that you usually use two faces properly.

The face after you make up and change is your ideal self.

The desire to make up is your desire to transform.
If you use your face too much in different places, you may not be trusted by others, so it’s best to take care of how you feel about your true heart.

The dream of you looking at your face in the mirror is that you see where you feel the complex.
The dream you were looking at in the mirror is a dream that symbolizes a physical complex, but you don’t have to worry too much about that complex.

If you’re worried that you’re not very beautiful, throw away that idea right away.

If you worry too much, you will lose your inner beauty.

The dream of putting on makeup is based on the desire to be well-liked by your people.

However, no one likes it.

Even if someone hates you for a while, it’s easier to think that it can’t be helped.

If someone in your dream can’t see you, it’s possible that you’re misanthropic.

If you’re wearing makeup in your dreams and you see yourself in the mirror, it means you care about how you are seen by others.

If you put on makeup in the mirror and it looks more beautiful than it really is, your dream is a reflection of your desire to be beautiful.

If you have an unusual face in the mirror, it indicates that you are not feeling well.

If you look in a dark and cloudy mirror in your dreams, or if your face looks bad in the mirror, it’s because your self-image is down or your essence is that you’re feeling sick. It’s a dream I’m trying to convey to.

It’s a good idea to take a rest and read a book to polish your inner side.

If your condition in the mirror is bad, it indicates that there is something you should be aware of.

You in the mirror in your dreams are a reflection of your current state of mind.

If you can’t afford it now, you in the mirror in your dreams would have been like that.

If you put on makeup in your dreams and your expression in the mirror is dark, it means that you may be mentally cornered.

The mirror comes out in your dreams because you have a desire to look back on yourself.

Now you have a strong interest in your condition.
If you’re a woman, it’s a dream that involves your instinct to be more beautiful.

You see yourself in the mirror in your dreams when you feel the need to look back on yourself.
The desire to face oneself is based on anxiety about oneself.

You may have something wrong with yourself, so you may want to think about what you should do.

Basically, when the mirror comes out in your dreams, it means that you are psychologically unstable.

In the real world, a mirror is a check of your appearance.

In your dreams you put on makeup and look in the mirror because you care about your appearance.

But that’s what you think. To be better, you should be more confident in yourself.

When you put on makeup in your dreams or look at yourself in the mirror, you look back on the past and become introspective.

Makeup and mirrors in dreams are important symbols for women. It is mainly related to romance and past events.

It expresses your state of mind, such as regrets and unrelenting feelings, and always tries to maintain a normal mind by seeing yourself in the mirror.

If you put on makeup in your dreams and you don’t get compliments from others, or if you feel sick in the mirror, it’s a good idea to check for any abnormalities in your physical condition.

If you put on makeup in your dreams and you feel that you have improved, it is a dream that shows your desire to improve.

Makeup dreams are good dreams that show that if you were in a good mental state when you woke up from your dreams, you will be better off.

Life is short.

I hope you find your desires from your dreams and find out how you can do the life you want to do.

This channel gives hints about thinking about your greed in dream interpretation.
If you read your wishes from your dreams and fulfill your wishes in reality, you can have a happy life.

Psychologist Freud, who published a book called Dream Analysis, said that dreams are something to fulfill a desire.

Dreams tell you the desires you are not aware of.

Once, the French philosopher Voltaire said. There is no real satisfaction without a real desire.

First, you cannot be happy without knowing your own needs.

Dreams carry the message of your desire to be happy.

This channel, dream mean desire, is a very rare original channel that describes the desires that dreams show.
Please subscribe to the channel and check your dreams regularly.
Dreams give you hints about your desires, help you understand yourself more, and help you be happy.
Take a look at the dream commentary to the end and think about your desires. That will give you a hint of your happiness.

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