A map dream is a dream you have when you strongly desire to look at a map (gather information) and change your life better.

Map dream meaning abstract

It’s a dream that tells you that you need to gather information because you are at the crossroads of your life.
It’s also a dream that teaches us that there are other ways to achieve our goals.

【Dream meaning】Meaning when the map is dirty

dream meaning map
It means that you cannot see the way to your goal.

The same applies if the map is dusty or if it is torn and only part of the map is present.

Here are the dreams I’ve seen related to maps.

A close woman writes a map of Tokyo.

I write in that map the map of the person who yearns for Tokyo.

【Dream meaning】Does the dream diagnosis match?

A dream diagnosis of this dream shows that I, who had this dream, had the desire to live in the city (Tokyo) and gathered the information to actually live in Tokyo.

In fact, I have such a desire, so I think this dream diagnosis is suitable.

Below are excerpts of the dream items that appear in the map from the dream meaning book.

【Dream meaning】Basic map meaning

“Overall view of my life to date”. “Experiences and knowledge from the past” are collected there.

Also, the “path to go” is drawn.

【Dream meaning】How to read a dream map

The part that is a blank map
The future, the unknown world

【Dream interpretation】Left side of the map

The road that has already been taken, the past.
dream meaning map

【Dream interpretation】Above the map

The world of admiration, the ideal world.
Below the map
The real world with suffering.

【Dream meaning】A dream to draw a map

Planning a life plan.

【Dream interpretation】 Dreams of looking at and examining maps

I’m looking for a direction to go.

Definitive edition Yume Meiji Encyclopedia by Tatsuhiko Fuji, published by Gakkensha

Next, I have extracted the map items from other dream meaning books.

【Dream meaning】Map dream

It’s a dream that teaches me that there are other ways to achieve my goals. The method you are thinking about may actually be a great detour. You should consider the plan from the beginning again.

Deep Psychological Dream Meaning Encyclopedia to find the meaning of dreams Sayoko Shirai, published by Ikeda Shoten

The explanation of the meaning of dreams on this map is short, but it’s very comfortable. In the first place, a map is used to find an efficient way to reach a destination in the real world and to grasp the distance between the present location and the destination.
dream meaning maps
The purpose of a map in a dream is the same, and the existence of the map tells us that there are other ways to efficiently achieve what you are working on now. I think it’s a very comfortable way of thinking about dream meaning.

The map in the dream means the ups and downs of life, and the way to go in the future is recorded. The dream of looking at a map tells us to think seriously about life planning.

【Dream meaning】A dream where the desired place cannot be found on the map

It means that you are truly lost in life.

【Dream meaning】Dream of a beautiful map

Implications for future success.

Hit well! Dream Semantic Encyclopedia 1000 Opening the door to the future Message to bring good luck by Mary Primavera Nagaoka Shoten Publishing

I think that there are many people who viewed the map with a car navigation system instead of a paper map.
If you are such a person, please refer to the following.

【Dream meaning】A dream guided by a car navigation system is a good dream

The following is a dream memo that I actually saw when I saw a car navigation system.
Ride the mountain on a motorcycle. There were four, and I was the fastest. Followed the navigation and turned right on the tee.
I’m sorry that there are some characters that have not been converted properly.
Immediately after I had a dream, I wrote it down on a smartphone, so I could not convert it well. I’m a dream-sense researcher, so every day, I try to wake up and dream into my smartphone.

In the case of a dream when I saw this car navigation system, the car navigation system played a good role until I arrived at my destination, so it would be a diagnosis that the dream presented was a good dream.

That was also a positive factor because I decided the route myself referring to the car navigation system.

【Dream meaning】When you dream of a map

The following is an excerpt of map items from a dream meaning book.
dream meaning maps

Checking the map shows a situation where you need to fix Life Blanc and prepare to re-plan your life again.

It would be nice if the destination was clear, but what you are searching for is the result of your trial and error.

Also, having a map may simply reflect instability or hassle of an appointment or schedule.

【Dream meaning】A dream to ask a way with a map in hand

It reflects the current confusion and trial and error.
Talking with your lover or partner while looking at the map indicates that there are differences in the way you live or how you live in the future, or situations where you need to modify your common life plan.

Make a map … Making a map with your lover or Bartner implies sharing your plans and career paths.
If you are with a person you like, there may be a future contact point or a common course between them.

Can’t map, losing map implies change of course or abandonment of plan.

Definitive edition! Yume Meaning, written by Masayuki Kajiwara, Shufu no Tomosha Publishing

【Dream meaning】Dream of looking at a map

The following is an excerpt of the dream items on the map from the dream meaning book.

It implies your future. If the map is big, you can spend it with confidence.
The larger the sea area on the map, the more you can live a loving life.

The more land you have, the better your work will be and the more comfortable you will be.

The dream of looking at a map implies that the appearance of a person who will have a major impact on your life is imminent.

The continents on the map represent work and the oceans and lakes show love, so you can think about where you look on the map and what the person who is about to appear is related to. Let’s

If you focus on the sea or lake in your dreams, you can interpret it as opening a new life through your romance partner.
If you are looking at the continent, there will be people who will strongly support you, such as work, or partners.

Made by Dream Meaning Mademoiselle Ai, Seitosha Publishing

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