Meaning of dream to fight Summary.

The dream of fighting is the dream you see when you have to struggle with some effort in reality.

fight dream mean

fight dream mean

Fighting in a dream is too much! They may let you know that you are overworked.

Sexual frustration.
The meaning of a dream to fight is these three.

If you want a fight in a fighting dream
It represents a growing sexual desire.

It may be a dream you are trying to suppress your instinctual impulses unconsciously and fighting it.

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【Dream meaning】Dream to win the battle

A person who is in a situation where the dream of winning a battle can be just reflected … For example, before a sports game, it is a dream to show that he is in good condition.

However, in the real world, there are few situations where there is a clear victory.

Those who dream of fighting in a situation unrelated to the battle indicate that their own situation is well-equipped.

【Dream interpretation】Dreams of fighting people.

There seems to be dissatisfaction that is not sexually fulfilled or loved as desired.

【Dream interpretation】Reason to dream to attack.

Because I am trying to confront my own problems, I can take the energetic action of attacking others in my dreams.
fight dream mean
The dream to attack is the release of repressed feelings.
This is a case in which a desire to attack in revenge came to a dream.
My dream of grabbing a person’s head and hitting it against a wall I saw was that I was kicked at a helmet I valued so I would fight back against the person who got angry and kicked the helmet.

I’m really worried about dreams to attack, especially dreams to attack and hurt people.

Psychological state when angry and beating【Dream interpretation】

Think about the psychology of your attack in the real world. There is a reason to attack first.

The dream of hitting or injuring yourself after being hit by something, rather than attacking yourself unilaterally, is a good way to analyze your dreams.

Thinking about hitting dreams in psychology?
As you can see from the dreams of hitting (kicking, hurting, slamming, etc.), it is clear that you now have someone you think is an enemy.

Humans have a defense instinct (a desire to survive, a desire to survive). Now that you feel you are under direct or mental assault, your defense instinct is active and you dream of hitting it.
fight dream mean
Aggressive dreams come from defense instinct to defend yourself.

Your instinct (= your own essence) is telling you the dream of beating and telling you that it’s time to watch your enemies because you are fighting.

Whether you beat with a beer bottle or hit a plate against your opponent, if in your dreams you’re smashing the enemy and doing a lot of damage, it’s hitting your anger by beating .

If you’re refreshed after hitting or attacking, it’s a dream you have to neutralize stress.

It is probably because you have a dream to win a battle in the real world and cause serious damage by injuring your opponent.

The psychological state of confirming the fulfillment of reality with a dream is reflected in the dream.

Psychoanalyst Freud spoke in his book Dream Analysis.

dream analist freud

If a dream has meaning,It may be to fulfill the desire.

Children without social training recreate their wishes in their dreams in their own way.

However, many adult dreams are rambling and seemingly meaningless.

However, analyzing these dreams in a symbolic sense reveals a desire that even the person himself does not recognize.

In other words, a dream is a manifestation of an unconsciously suppressed desire!

The censored desire is to make a dream with various information that I see and hear everyday, and the original intention is not known to the person himself.

But the essence of a dream is still desire

Those who want to live seriously want to grow.

However, when a person stumbles at a certain moment, growth stops there. They appear in the dream as repetitive threats.

In other words, analyzing dreams can lead to emotions of the individual’s problems.

So if you analyze your dreams, you know your desires. You also know what to do to make you happy.

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