Dreaming of decorating oneself with decorated nails is a dream related to the deep psychological need to make oneself stand out.

Although few women are aware of it, the desire to be seduced arises from sexual desire.

The desire to have one’s nails done is deeply related to the sexual desire to be seduced by a man.

However, this desire is a natural desire of women to be beautiful.

Beautifully manicured nails indicate a heightened sexual desire and a desire to show off one’s self.

The more elaborate the pattern, the more rhinestones and other ornaments, the stronger the tendency.

If a woman who has never been interested in nails dreams about them, it means that something new and interesting is about to happen.

You should try something you have never known or been interested in before.

You will be unexpectedly fascinated by it.

If you have never been interested in romance, you may meet an attractive man for the first time in a long time.

If you have never had a hobby, you may find one that you are passionate about.

Well-groomed nails mean that you are financially well off.

Dreaming of going to a nail salon is also a natural desire to be beautiful.

When you dream of going to a nail salon, I believe in most cases the manicurist who coordinated your nails was also present.

Dreaming that a manicurist appears at a nail salon means that you have a desire for someone reliable to show up to support you.

If you feel this way, you will find someone who will be on your side.

It could be someone who becomes your business partner.

Maybe it will be someone who becomes your friend.

If you dream of a manicurist who will help you become beautiful, you should communicate a lot with the people around you.

It is possible that someone you have never had contact with before will become your friend.

If you dream of painting someone else’s nails with nail polish.
You may be trying to scam or deceive the person you are painting in your dream.

You may be dreaming of painting someone else’s nails when you are trying to control the feelings of your business partner or lover.
Dreaming that you are taking care of your own nails and making a mistake indicates that your decision-making ability is declining.

Dreaming that you are taking care of your own nails to make yourself look beautiful and attractive but fail to do so is when your condition is poor.

Women who like to have their nails done may see a scene in their dreams where they are giving themselves nail care.

Dreaming that you are giving yourself nail care shows your desire to make yourself look more attractive.

Nail and manicure application, like makeup, signifies a woman’s desire to be beautiful.

This dream is when a woman desires to make the people around her feel that she is attractive by having beautiful, colorful nails.

Also, if she feels superior to the women around her by meticulously painting her nails and manicure in her dream, it means that she wants to feel superior in that way in reality as well.

Dreaming that your nails are removed or your nail polish comes off reflects a period of mental instability.

In dream interpretation, if you were happy with the beauty of your fingertips and suddenly your nails come off or the nail polish comes off, it indicates that you are clinging to old ways of thinking.

For example, have you been unable to accept the new way of thinking of a generation younger than you deep down, or have you been instructed on a new way of doing your job at work but are not satisfied with the way it is done?

If you are angry at yourself for not accepting the advice and counsel of others honestly, it is important to remain calm and sort out your feelings.

Even if the dream is bad, there is no need to feel anxious.

You can make the most of the nightmare in reality.

If you have a premonition that something bad is about to happen, you can try to improve your behavior and avoid the problem.

For example, if you dream that you have a premonition of trouble in your relationships, it is important to remember to be considerate and communicate proactively in order to build good relationships with those around you in the real world.

If you are able to open your heart to those around you and build healthy relationships, people around you will be more cooperative.

Thinking this way will help you keep a calm mind when you have nightmares.

Dreaming of requesting elaborate nail art indicates a heightened desire for love.

Gorgeous and pretty nail art is a symbol of fun and romance.

Nail art that matches the season or event represents your current desire for love.

When you are satisfied with different nail art in your dream, you may desire to enjoy casual romance with many members of the opposite sex instead of just one.

The desire to know different attractions is expressed in your dream.

If you already have a particular partner, you may feel a little bored with that person and may be developing a flirtatious streak.

However, you will need to regain your self-control to avoid impulsive behavior.

If you dreamed that your nails failed and you gave up on the whole thing, then you may be feeling quite mentally exhausted.

On the other hand, if you dream that you immediately change your mind and try again after a nail fails, you are making self-adjustments for future success in your dream.

Dreaming of losing your nails represents a negative state mentally.

This is a dream when you have the desire to stop yourself from dressing up.

If you feel depressed or frustrated due to a failure in love or work, you may want to be alone and think about it.

The act of removing one’s nails in a dream represents the psychological state of wanting to spend some time alone for a while and seek a lighter state of mind.

In the real world, it is often difficult to take time off work or things do not go as planned, but admitting that you are working too hard can lighten your heart.

Sometimes it is important to relax and let your shoulders relax.

If you know the color of your nails in your dream, it will be easier to analyze your dream.

Dreaming of red nails indicates your desire for passionate and intense love.

If you are a woman who already has a partner, you may have an intense infatuation with a man other than him, which may cause problems if you fail to organize the relationship.

Dreaming of white nails indicates that you are the type of person who takes a passive attitude in love and goes out with men who approach you.

It is natural to feel that you are not very happy in love, and it may be because you are not trying to build a relationship with a man you truly love.

If you dream that your nails come off cleanly, it means that you are now open-minded enough to accept new values and information immediately.

It means that you are not stubborn.

You are in a good state of mind, so you are able to think and come to a conclusion on the best way forward.

To dream that your nails come off in a bad state means that you have a desire to get rid of your stubborn values.

It means you have a desire for a major change in values or to meet someone you can respect.

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