If you feel pain in your dreams, you need to pay attention to the painful areas for a few days.
dream mean painful
Because you might have a dream of foresight, which suggests that the part where you felt pain will be worse.

Because something is wrong in the real world, it is reflected in the dream.
In fact, myself, my wrist is sandwiched between bosses in a dream, in a dream, it hurts! However, two days after dreaming, I hurt my left wrist.

The dream that felt pain was a dream of prediction.

I myself have always been dream divination, so I record and examine the dreams I have seen so far, but I feel pain in my dreams Had never been.

Two days after my dream of pain, my foresight dream of hurting my wrist occurred, so I was interested in the dream of pain and looked into it.

I will tell you from the conclusion of examining the dream of pain.

There are two possible reasons for feeling painful in a dream.
One is the possibility of injuries or illnesses that actually feel pain in the real world.

Another interpretation of the dream is the possibility of a dream that shows the instinct of danger prediction.

Excerpt from the Dream Dictionary of Dream Interpretation.

The pain in the body in a dream is a sign of the changes that will take place in the body and mind soon.

Depending on the part that hurts, the suggestion will be different

★ The meaning of a dream that hurts your limbs and head

It will be a dream.

Be careful as illness is likely to appear in the area where your dream has hurt.

This is the end of the excerpt.
Excerpt from dream dictionary ai japan publication

Excerpts from dream dictionaries of other dream interpretations.

★ (Dream interpretation) The way of thinking changes depending on where you feel pain.

It indicates that there are unavoidable problems, that your mental and physical problems are unresolved, that you are immature, and so on. Depending on where the body hurts, the depth of the problem and the nature of the task can be seen.

For example, a sore tooth may indicate a relationship with a family member, while a sore leg may indicate a relationship between oneself and one’s own life. Intense pain also indicates that you are overcoming the changing circumstances and environment surrounding you. People who often dream like this may always be stuck on the immediate problem.

Excerpt from dream dictionary k masa syufu publication

★ A key point of a dream that felt pain is the damaged area!

The first meaning is that if you feel pain, if you have partial pain in your wrist, ankle, etc., be careful not to become a nightmare by paying attention to injuries or malfunctions in that part. Means internal pain such as stomach and chest.

In the case of internal pain, it is considered a good dream, unlike the area where a warning is meaningful.

Freud, the founder of the Dream Interpretation, stated that “dreams” were to be fulfilled with aspirations.

Having a dream that the internal organs hurt in a dream means that there is a desire to have a checkup of internal organs.

★ Advice from a dream interpreter Easy to dream of pain when you are physically tired.

If you are tired and have a dream that somewhere hurts, take a good rest or simply allow yourself to spend time resting and listening to relaxing music. It is recommended that you make time to recover.

Take a break when you have a painful dream.

If you are nervous and busy every day in the real world, it is important to take a long rest and sleep consciously.

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