When I dreamed of a park, I was in a good mental state. I am very relaxed.

【Dream meaning】A dream in the park is a good dream

In a dream, the park is a lucky symbol.
If you’ve dreamed of a park, you’re in a very good mental state right now.

I myself am studying the meaning of dreams and researching many dreams, but none of the dreams are as lucky as the dreams of the park.

【Dream meaning】 Psychology of dreams when the park comes out

The park is a place that is safe and has a lot to do with freedom.

Being in the park in your dreams means that you want to feel more at ease in the nature.

What you are looking for now is rest and peace of mind.

In other words, you may want to have time to relax.
[Dream meaning] The dream of the park is the desire to relax
Why were you in the park?

If your psychological state was calm when you were in the park, then in your dreams, you’ll see what you really want to be in the park.

【Dream meaning】What is the meaning of the dream in the park?

The following is an excerpt from the Dream Meaning book with the park dream items.

This dream shows that you want to behave more innocently. As we grow, we begin to hide our “real selves” in order to adapt to society. It’s a dream that expresses that stress.

【Dream meaning】When playing with someone in the park

It seems that human relations will work better if the real intention is brought to the surface than it is now.

Deep Psychological Dream Meaning Encyclopedia to find the meaning of dreams Sayoko Shirai, published by Ikeda Shoten

By the way, the following dreams were what inspired me to explore my dream in the park.
[Dream meaning] The dream of the park is the desire to relax

【Dream meaning】Large park with lawn

A large park with lawn represents spiritual fulfillment.

In fact, right after I dreamed about the park, my mental condition was very good and I was in good health.

【Dream meaning】Warning that you should do something about the dream of the park

People who are exhausted from hard work every day are in need of rest, and those who are spending dead days are warned that “It will be a life just like killing time in the park” .

It means “arrangement of thoughts in unconsciousness” for those who are thinking about something intensively, and “a place to talk about love” for those who are in love.
dream of the park

【Dream interpretation】Key points for interpreting dreams in the park

Think about what the park means to you today.

【Dream meaning】The dream of the park is a dream mainly related to the desire

I’m in the park with the opposite sex.
A desire to have a sexual relationship with the person, or an existing one.

【Dream meaning】Dream of being alone in the park

① Sexual frustration.
② Having no work and having spare time.
③ Awareness of old age.
④ The news that you need to rest.

Definitive edition Yume Meiji Encyclopedia by Tatsuhiko Fuji, published by Gakkensha

Dream Semantic Psychology: What about Freud’s way of thinking about park dreams?

After studying dreams, Freud thought that dreams were aimed at fulfilling his wishes.

The psychologist Freud, who laid the foundation for the meaning of dreams, explained that “dreams” are seen to satisfy wishes.
Analyzing the dream of a psychiatrist Freud who analyzed the dream?

Freud explained that dreams are the fulfillment of desires.
In the dream, being in the park means that in reality there is a desire to take a rest in the park.

I dreamed of my desires, that is, what I wanted to do, and thought that I met my wishes.

There is a desire to be in the park.

It depends on your own image of the park, but basically it means that the park is a place where you can rest freely as mentioned above.

If you were alone in the park in your dreams, there is a desire to take a rest.

If you think of a dream in the park as a desire to be in the park, it’s easy to fulfill. You just have to go to the park and make some time.

Sit on a bench in a small park in the city and look at the trees.

It’s easy if what you want to do in the real world is to rest in the park.

I hope you have time to listen to your own desires.
dream of the park

【Dream meaning】The dream of the park is the desire to relax

The following is a selection of park items from a dream book.

Park dreams represent a feeling of relaxation.

Love … If you dream of being in a beautiful park full of flowers, your lover is likely to show up.

Work … The park is a man-made paradise, and the dream of a well-maintained park is a message from the dream that no further development can be expected if it is kept warm in the greenhouse.

We recommend that you try a little more adventure.

Health… A dream of playing and relaxing in the park implies a desire to relax. Why don’t you actually go to the park and play?

Yume Meaning, Genevieve, Sara, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Publishing

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