Looking at the phoenix in a dream, strong luck descends.

Symbols such as phoenix, phoenix, and firebird are the same symbols as the phoenix dream.
Phoenix ’s dream
Before and after dreaming of a phoenix, you will be rewarded for what you have been working on up to now, solving the problems you had, and understanding how to accept them.

【Dream interpretation】The dream of seeing the phoenix

The image of phoenix in a dream is close to that of God.

The following is an excerpt of the Phoenix dream items from the Dream Interpretation dictionary.

The phoenix in the dream is a very large symbol of “authority, power”.

It is also a symbol of “great luck” and “rich vitality.”

[Dream Interpretation] Dream of seeing phoenix

① Grab a great fortune.
② Get assistance.

[Dream interpretation] A dream of riding a phoenix

Get out of the way.
Obtain great honor and fame.
Take the prosperity.

[Dream Interpretation] A dream of phoenix gathering on hands and arms

Be careful of your mother’s illness.

Yume Interpretation Dictionary by Tatsuhiko Fuji, published by Gakkensha
It is written in the dream dictionary like this.

【Dream meaning】Advice to those who have dreamed of Phoenix

The image of victory inside you is reflected in your dreams.

It’s a time when everything works and you have energy that you’re wasting to do.
If you don’t have something to do, I think it’s best to try your best and try what you think.

It’s subtle to succeed when you’re with someone like a romance, but it’s the timing and time when you can change yourself a lot.

By the way, my friend (woman) had a dream of a real Buddha and then succeeded in water business.

He was a great person and changed his destiny.
The dreams of phoenix, dreams of God, and dreams of God and Buddha have real power.

Or maybe someone who has this kind of dream (including you) has something close to God.

【Dream meaning】The phoenix dream is the best dream

The day is set to be relieved of all difficulties and pains.

Below is an excerpt from the other dream interpretation dictionaries.

【Dream meaning】A dream near the phoenix

It is likely to attract the attention of many people and become a leader in the times.

【Dream interpretation】Dream of killing phoenix Dream of seeing dead phoenix

Let’s change the feeling of being overvalued.

Unless you reflect on your life as it is and put yourself in it, people’s hearts will separate.

Dream interpretation dictionary made by Mademoiselle Ai, Seitosha Publishing
It is written in the dream dictionary like this.

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