The meaning of a pig’s dream is greed.

The interpretation of a pig’s dream depends greatly on the situation within the dream.
Here are some interpretations of the dreams of pigs living around, dreams of becoming pigs, and dreams of eating pigs.

If you have a pig around you in a dream, this is a reflection of interpersonal stress.

If you become a pig in a dream, it is a reflection of your inner greed.

The dream of eating a pig means that the appetite is growing.

★ Warning about eating pigs!

The meaning of the dream of eating pork simply involves appetite.

People who dream of eating pigs are honest in fulfilling their desires besides their appetite.
This, in other words, is a way of life that you can’t stand.

In living life, it is dangerous to live without patience.

Eating a pig in a dream is a warning to living too lazy.

Beyond eating pigs, pigs in dreams have many meanings.

The following is an excerpt of a pig’s dream item from a dream interpretation book.

A pig in a dream is a symbol of “lazyness”, “eat too much, drink too much”, “dirty life”, “having a lot of waste.”

This dream teaches that there are parts in your mind and in your life that can be compared to pigs. Also, the dream of someone becoming a pig indicates that you think of the person as “a pig-like person.”

★ The dream that the pig enters the house The meaning of the dream to be attacked

1. Commandments for lazy life, filthy lifestyle, etc.
2. Get sick due to laziness or overeating.

★ Interpretation of a dream in a pig hut

1. The command that life is no different from pig life.
2. The job does not go well.

★ The meaning of a dream of seeing a pig-like person

1. Warning that your life is upset and you are becoming Rina by self-fall.
2. For women, fear of obesity.

The following is an excerpt of the pig dream item from another dream divination book.

It is a dream that tells us that we can still afford health.

If you think you’re already at your limit, it’s quick to give up if you’re tired.

Above, Deep Psychological Dream Encyclopedia of the meaning of dreams by Sayoko Shirai 抜 Excerpt from Ikeda Shoten

Freud, the creator of the dream fortune-telling, stated that “dreams” should be looked at to fulfill their desires.

Seeing a pig in a dream means that you have the thirst for everything.

The dream of having a pig around you, on the other hand, is that you have a desire to stay away from you.

Pigs are an incarnation of appetite, an appetite for trying to eat anything.

A dream with a pig nearby means that you are not greedy, but that the people around you are greedy.

There seems to be a feeling that they do not want to be washed away, so it seems good to spend some distance in your daily life.

The dream of having a lot of pigs around me is feeling the desires of others and it’s stressing.

The important thing when you dream of a pig is how you felt it.

When you dream of pig eating food around you, if you feel disgusted with pigs, it is a warning dream that indicates that stress is being received from people around you.

Perhaps the relationship at work is too close and suffering.
Or it may mean that the family relationship is not working.

Interpret the dream according to your own situation.

Two things are important when you are worried about human relationships.

Improve your own communication skills.
Take care of yourself stress.
These two.
Dreams of becoming pigs, stressing pigs, and dreams of stressing yourself.

Dreams are a great clue to thinking about dreams, as well as how to deal with the pigs inside.

★ Warning about the dream of being attacked by a fat pig!

A fat pig in a dream is a symbol of a person who does not go well with you.

Pigs are brilliant and live only for their own desires.
The dream that a fat pig comes out indicates that there is a person like an object of hatred.

Think about who you should be at a distance from.
Be careful not to be treated unfavorably by yourself.

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