When you receive something in a dream, you’re really worried about the meaning.

When I dreamed of receiving a dream, I searched for it with the keyword, meaning to receive a dream, or looked up the meaning of a dream meaning book.

This page summarizes the meaning of your dream, so please take a look.

Understand in 1 minute! Meaning of dream to receive Summary [dream meaning]
The anti-dream seen when you foresee that the dream you receive will be “lost” in the real world
Receiving something you don’t understand in a dream predicts that something bad will happen
Predictive dream of simply getting things

[Dream meaning] If you see a dream that a single woman receives, you may meet.

First of all, if you are single and have a dream of receiving it, you will have a good encounter.

Also, the dream you receive has a different meaning.

If you deposit your own thing with someone and receive it, it is a dream that suggests that you have a nightmare.

In dream meaning, we often read the opposite of the dream meaning as meaning.

Receiving something from others is a precursor to losing something.

It’s similar to the Chinese Yin-Yang way of thinking, but if you get something, you lose something, in a sense, a universal truth.

Getting something in your dreams may mean losing something in the near future in the real world.

The following is an excerpt from a book about meaning of dream about receiving items.

If you receive a parcel, you are telling you that you have an unexpected encounter.

When a person with a strong desire to marry has this dream, it is a sign that an ideal partner appears.

[Meaning of dreams] The meaning of dreams of receiving personal belongings from others

I expect to lose something important.
Not only can you lose things, but you can also lose friends because of unfounded misunderstandings, rumors, and conflicts.

[Dream meaning] Receive strange things from friends

Nightmare. It’s a sign of suffering.

It is a time when it is easy to get into trouble if you are in a passive attitude.

In addition, you may be accused of being a victim and treated as if you were the offender.

In order to avoid troubles, it is important that you always act positively and do not show any gaps in your activities.

Excerpt from Saitosha, made by Mademoiselle Ai

Dream meaning practice case

Below are the stories I had when I had a dream, and what happened after that.

First of all, from the conclusion, it was exactly as the dream meaning of the dream I received above.

Below are the details of the dreams I have received.
I was cleaning and found an apple cut into a rabbit shape.
I had a mother for some reason in my dream, so I ask her if she should throw it away.

The answer was that I wouldn’t throw it away, so I ate the rabbit apple separately from the people who were there.
It was delicious. Then give the mother an apple.

The dream is over here.
In the dream above, I have received an apple cut into a rabbit shape.

What happened to me in the real world after seeing the dream I received above

I was suspicious of my work and felt uncomfortable.
Having got an apple cut into a rabbit, it is very similar to the following part in the above dream meaning book.

[Dream meaning] Receive strange things from friends

Nightmare. It’s a sign of suffering.
It is easy to get into trouble if you are in a passive posture. You may be accused of being a victim and treated as if you were the offending person.

In particular, the following parts were exactly as they were.
You may be accused of being a victim and treated as if you were the offending person.

About two weeks after I had the dream above, I was treated as if I were the person who caused the problem, and I felt very uncomfortable.

If you have a dream that you will receive, I think it’s good to be careful about your work and relationships for a while, and do good things that are okay even if you are told.

The following are excerpts of dream items from other dream meaning books.

Indicates that you have what you need.
The dream of receiving things from gods and Buddhas, hermits, and noble people is a very good dream that signals a change in luck.

However, the dream of getting totally useless things tells you that what you want doesn’t help your growth at all.

Excerpt from the final version, Yume Meaning Encyclopedia by Tatsuhiko Fuji, Gakken

A dream to get a present is a good dream.

It means that you are anticipating that the work you are doing now or your recent actions will be returned to you in a good way (= you have the confidence to do so).

[Dream meaning] When you receive a present but are not happy
It represents a situation where love from familiar people has faded.

Interpersonal problems are expected.

As a countermeasure, I think it’s good to take actions to improve human relations, such as giving gifts in the real world.

[Dream meaning] Present
It is a good dream that I can communicate smoothly with the people around me.

A dream that you get a gift from someone you like is a very good dream.

The dream of being given a gift by a person you like is a prediction of receiving favor from the other person.

It’s a dream I have when I have a feeling that my romance will be successful.

Or, it is a dream that makes me want to make a good relationship.

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