The following is an excerpt from a dream meaning book, with the items of dreams that feel stinky extracted.

If you smell it in your dreams, it symbolizes your promise. You are likely to make an appointment with someone in the near future. The stronger the smell you feel in your dream, the more important the promise you make.

【Dream meaning】 When it smells good

The promises we made will be carried out.

【Dream meaning】 When it smells bad

The promise is broken. If you don’t know what that smell is, it’s the opponent who breaks it.

Deep Psychological Dream Meaning Encyclopedia to find the meaning of dreams Sayoko Shirai, published by Ikeda Shoten

Freud, the dream owner, explained that he would see “dreams” to fulfill his wishes.
Analyzing the dream of a psychiatrist Freud who analyzed the dream?

Freud explained that dreams are the fulfillment of desires.
Smelling a good scent in a dream means having a comfortable place and a desire to sniff a pleasant scent.

You can look for your favorite scent at the perfume counter, or go to a larger park looking for nature in the green scent.

If you are living indoors and do not have the time to feel the smell, you should take the plunge and go outside and smell the scent of the outside.
smell dream meaning
The following is an excerpt from the other dream meaning dictionaries.

Smelling dreams are divided into good and bad meanings depending on what kind of smell they have.

【Dream meaning】 A dream that smelled good

If you feel a pleasant scent, you will have a happy romantic moment.

If you are a unrequited love, there are events that will lead to the development of relationships, and if you are a couple, you will be able to feel happier both physically and mentally through sexual ties, and you will also be more respectful of each other.

【Dream meaning】 A dream that smelled delicious

The meaning of romance fulfillment becomes stronger.

If it’s a crush, in a crush, the couple will have an evolutionary event that leads to marriage.

【Dream meaning】 A dream that smelled unpleasant

There is likely to be an annoying problem.
It seems that I will be involved in small troubles and will have to deal with things I do not want to be involved.

Made by Yume Meaning Mademoiselle Ai, Seitosha Publishing

The following is a snippet of a sniffing and scenting dream from a dream meaning dictionary.

【Dream meaning】 A smell that smells a scent

The scent or scent represents the very essence of what you are sensitive to from the object.

So smelling or smelling a scent means touching the essence of the object.

Consciously smelling a good scent indicates that you are trying to learn something from the person or object that smells, and that you are trying to absorb its charm and energy.
Smell indicates that intuition works and inspiration is generated.

A weird smell from a person implies that he or she snatches off the person’s secrets or wrongdoing.

Dream Semantic Dictionary by Yasutaka Mutoh, published by Nihon Bungeisha

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