The psychological state of dreaming at a station is that you know that you are at the crossroads of your life.

Meaning of dreams at the station Dream diagnosis Results of this dream meaning survey

If you were in a dream station, what do you think of in a dream sense?

A station is a place of hope. Because it’s a place to go somewhere.

Also, if the station is luxurious and new, it shows that I have the hope that my academic side will improve.

If you dream of being a member of society at a station, you can expect to see an increase in income.

Sometimes, I have a dream of predicting that good things will happen.
dream a station

【Dream meaning】Reason to dream at the station

It also means a transformational point in life.

In the case of working people, if you dream of being at a station when you are thinking of changing jobs, I think that you are essentially in a state where you want to switch to another workplace.

In this case, regardless of the reason why you don’t want to change jobs, think about whether you can go to another path, such as changing jobs or starting a business.

【Dream meaning】Meaning to dream at the station

Nuance changes depending on the atmosphere of the station.

If you’re in a lonely situation when you’re at the station when it’s the last train, and you’re in a lonely state, that’s a dream you’ll have because you think you’re being hit down.

In that case, it is necessary to think about where to change to restart.

The number one reason to dream of a station is that I am at the turning point.

The dream of the station is to see it because I feel I have a decision.

Stations represent a turning point in life.

Anyone going to the station will have to change trains, check ticket fares and time.

Dreaming at the station means that you are at a turning point in your life.

【Dream meaning】Lost on the way to the station

It implies that you are not going according to plan.

It may be a warning that you are getting sick.
dream station

【Dream meaning】Dreams of being interfered by other people on the way to the station

It means that you should listen to the advice of others.

Even in the real world, when you are going in the wrong direction, some people may come to you to stop it.

In such cases, the person’s warning is often correct.

I don’t know what your turning point is, but if you dream about being told something else by a dream near the station, it’s likely that the person you meet in the dream will hold the key.

The following is an excerpt from a dream book.

The station where many people come and go represents the passage of life.

It may also imply changes in the environment.

【Dream meaning】I can’t reach the station

It is a sign that you will experience rashes and failures.
Your lack of self-confidence, such as being aware of defects more than necessary, may lead to failures one after another. If you dream of this dream, you should never take negative thoughts such as jealousy or strain.

【Dream meaning】Pass the station

The tipping point will come and things will start moving in the right direction. The environment around you will change to the form you want.

【Dream meaning】A station where many people come and go

It is time to actively move forward. Things will develop steadily.
dream station

【Dream meaning】Station staff and station manager

A station employee / stationmaster means a person who determines your social maturity. You seem to have a complex in your immature self.

If you are asked to show a ticket to a station employee and you are in trouble, or if you are not able to tell you where you are going, it is an imply lack of ability. It shows that I have not matured as a member of society.

【Dream meaning】Platform

Indicates that you happen to meet another friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

Excerpt from Saitosha, made by Mademoiselle Ai

The following is an excerpt of the dream items to buy a ticket at a station from a dream meaning book.

【Dream meaning】A dream to buy a ticket at the station

This is a dream that teaches me that I have the ability to play an active role in a company or group.

When you have a dream like this, why not give yourself a new suggestion or show a positive attitude?

【Dream meaning】A dream to lose commuter passes and tickets

I’m strong, but I’m forbidden to talk. Let’s be humble.

Deep Psychology Dream Meaning Excerpt from Ikeda Shoten by Sayoko Shirai, Dictionary of Finding the Meaning of Dreams

【Dream meaning】Station dream

The following is an excerpt of station items from a dream meaning book.

dream station

Stations, like ports and airports, say they are about to enter a turning point in their lives.
Love … A dream at the station with the opposite sex marks a turning point in love.

If you dream of riding a train different from the opposite sex, you will need to re-examine your relationship with your lover.

Relationships … A dream of getting on the same train as someone you met at the station implies that that person is involved in your life. If you take a different train, you will have a different life even if you have a temporary relationship with that person.
Work … I don’t think I’m going to quit my current job, but I feel like changing a section. Let’s actively work from yourself.

Excerpt from Yume Meaning, Genevieve, Sara, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha

【Dream meaning】Station ticket gate

It warns that troubles will occur in interpersonal relationships.

If the ticket gates in your dreams are crowded, there will be reminders of how your personal relationship will lead you to each person.

The message is to calmly identify who is really important.

A wicket without people means that your loved one will leave.

Excerpt from Saitosha, made by Mademoiselle Ai

【Dream meaning】Dream of train is a chance! Turning points that change your life

The dream of a train is a dream that I have when I want to change the current situation.

【Dream meaning】Meaning of dream of train in dream meaning Summary that can be understood in 1 minute

The dream of trains is the meaning of adaptation and adaptation
Reflecting the desire to travel or change life
If you’re at the station before you board the train, you’re now at the turning point

[Dream Semantic Psychology] The dream of a train expresses the desire to change the destination of life while adapting to the surroundings.

Freud, a psychoanalyst who laid the foundation of dream meaning, explains that dreams are aimed at fulfilling aspirations.
Analyzing the dream of a psychiatrist Freud who analyzed the dream?

Freud explained that dreams are the fulfillment of desires.

From Freud’s thinking, analyzing my dream of taking a train shows that going to a station and taking a train has the desire to make a choice, and I am now at the opportunity to make a choice.

The train means to fit around.

Below are excerpts of train and train items from the book of dream meaning.

【Dream meaning】Dream of getting on a train

You are in a hurry to the station so that you will not miss the train.

I finally arrived at the station, but I don’t know which platform to go to, and I don’t remember where I left my ticket.
dream  station
I managed to get to the right platform, but the train was already disappearing in the distance.

Even if you get on the train, you’re worried that you’re on the right train going in the right direction, or at which station you should get off.

【Dream meaning】Meaning of train, dream of train

If you dream of not missing the train, think about your career path.

In real life you train yourself on a fixed route at a fixed time. It represents a career path within a large organization.

Different trains represent different career opportunities and stations are the places to catch these opportunities.

You believe that if you seize a particular career opportunity and work hard for a period of time, your dream at work will come true.

I’m trying to get to the right home because you’re still trying to find the starting home for your desired career.

The ticket represents an opportunity to go that way and you are worried about losing it.

If you arrive at your platform and see the train disappearing in the distance, you may be wondering if you missed the opportunity.

Being on a non-stop train means that if you want to change your current career, it’s difficult.

Your career is on track and everything looks good, but it may still be frustrating.
I’m stuck in an inflexible way and feel like I can’t escape.

But trains stop regularly, which is an opportunity to change the course of your career.

【Dream meaning】Actions to take when you dream of a train

This dream shows that you can choose where you want to go in your life and how to fulfill your aspirations.

In order to successfully start your chosen career, you have to move in a certain direction within a certain time.

It can be difficult for you, but you’ll miss a special opportunity for yourself.

You may feel trapped in your day-to-day work, but sometimes it’s best to stay patient until you reach your goals, without making any dangerous moves.

Many people associate trains with work commuting.

Trains offer a certain sense of progress, but teach you that you can’t deviate from the route you choose.

When you are following the road you have accepted, the station is the indicator of your progress.

Excerpts from 100 Dream Encyclopedias by Ian Wallace, Diamond

The dream of riding a train represents conformity and adaptation.

In order to take a train in the real world, you have to buy a ticket and go home on time.

The dream is linked to the reality, so if you are a person who can adapt and adapt in the real world, you can only dream of getting on the train.

[Practice Dream Meaning] Dream diagnosis of a train dream I actually had

My dream of the train is the following.
I wrote it down right after I dreamed
Take a taxi to the station. Hurry to go home. Unknown place name. Think about whether you really want to ride. The train door closes and opens again.
take a train.
The above is the excerpt from the dream.

When I had this dream, I had a strong desire to quit my current job and move to another company.
Therefore, I think that it is true that when you dream of a train, you have a strong desire to change your life, as the dream of a train has in the dream meaning book above.

【Dream meaning】A dream of getting on a train is evidence of a correct life

There are two meanings in the dream meaning of getting on a train.

One is the desire to travel, or the desire to change life.
When I dream about getting on a train, I think the meaning of travel will be stronger if the station comes out in the dream.

【Dream meaning】When there is a scene where you buy a ticket or decide a destination at the station

The number one reason to dream of a station is that I am at the turning point.

The dream of the station is to see it because I feel I have a decision.

Stations represent a turning point in life.

Anyone going to the station will have to change trains, check ticket fares and time.

Dreaming at the station means that you are at a turning point in your life.

【Dream meaning】Advice for people who came out of the station in the dream of getting on a train

Especially when you dream of a station, the turning point of your life may be coming, so it is good to think about the present situation and future in order to create your own happiness. I will.

Another meaning is affirmation of the path you have chosen so far.

The dream of riding a train shows that you have a positive opinion about what you have chosen and the lifestyle you have chosen so far.

It also expresses the feeling that a stable road has been established for the future.

The train is meant to fit around.

It also represents the aspects that are doing well in the organization.

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