When I dream of a stillbirth, I’m scared and I wake up in the middle of the dream.
The fear of losing a child to a stillbirth is great.

【Dream interpretation】: What is your psychology when you have a dream of giving birth?

The following is an excerpt of stillbirth dream items from the Dream Interpretation book.

It is a dream that things that have already been used are discharged to the outside of the body, and it is a good dream that means “payment of unnecessary things.”
It’s painful and sad, but it ends up being good.

stillbirth dream
However, if you are actually experiencing stillbirth, it will be a nightmare with negative meanings such as “anxiety” and “fear”.

dream Interpretation by Tatsuhiko Fuji, published by Gakkensha
It is written in the dream dictionary like this.
The following is an excerpt from the Dream Interpretation book about dreaming abortions.

A dream that implies a reluctance to give up. It may also imply that you have to make a choice.
Dream interpretation: abortion and sadness
Implications for suffering from relationships. You will be wondering if this relationship should be abandoned or maintained.

Hit well! Dream Interpretation 1000 Opening the door to the future Message of good luck, written by Mary Primavera, published by Nagaoka Shoten
It is written in the dream dictionary like this.

I myself have a similar experience as a stillbirth and have dreamed about it.

With experience, the shocking feelings are so intense that it comes to my dreams.
stillbirth dream
It’s a dream that’s just a heartbreak, a dream that regrets.

I think it is good to make a memorial service, look forward, and do what is possible to live.

The following are excerpts of stillbirth dreams and abortion dreams from the dream interpretation dictionary.

What you are trying to do is warn that your current load is too heavy.
It’s not that time yet. If you proceed too hard, you will be tired and stressed both physically and mentally. Please wait for a while and become a little better.

Made by Yume Interpretation Mademoiselle Ai Saitosha Publishing
It is written in the dream dictionary like this.

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