The storm in a dream represents rumors of another person.

Dreaming of a storm may be predicting the difficulties that are rumored to be bad.

【Dream meaning】Wind and storm’s dream summary

Dreams of strong winds may have been badly rumored (feeling it for yourself and dreaming)
If you feel the wind in your dreams feel good, it’s time for good rumors

The following is an excerpt of storm’s dream item from the dream meaning book.

It is a hint of bad news or happening. However, if the blue sky and bright light come in during the storm, the situation will improve. Even if trouble occurs, it will result in a better direction.

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Below is an excerpt from the Dream Meaning book, with storm dream.

It symbolizes “public reputation,” “movement of people around them,” “favourites (including love feelings) and malicious intentions from others.”

The wind blows, whether it’s a good dream or a bad dream, is a sign of change in the minds of the people around it, so it must be interpreted carefully.

The wind can also indicate “illness”.

【Dream meaning】storm a dream blown by a big breeze

If everything is handled promptly, it will work. If you get lost, you will be disturbed.

After the wind blows, the air becomes clear and sunny. After some twists and turns, the problem goes away and the situation improves.

【Dream meaning】A dream with a pleasant breeze

Obtain good evaluation and reputation.
Your luck improves.

【Dream meaning】A storm that blows

  • Being accused, slandered, or exposed to malicious intent.
  • Get sick (watch out for epidemics).

【Dream meaning】A dream to meet storms and heavy rain

Encounter some kind of calamity, and the future prospects do not stand up.
There is a situation where you will be stuck in a storm of serious criticism and slander.

Short thoughts and self-control are not the best. It is difficult to overcome the situation even if you go by yourself.

It is wise to consult a powerful person and ask for help. If you have a dream that you can’t proceed at all in a storm, it will be particularly bad.

【Dream meaning】Dreams of being caught in the wind and flying in the sky

People are deceived and suffer damage. Be careful of sweet words and fraud.
Be careful of illness

【Dream meaning】A dream that storm blows down trees

Disaster and misery will fall on the person symbolized by the tree.
Trouble occurs in business negotiations and contracts.
Be careful of liver and eye diseases (trees hit the liver and eyes in five lines).
swim dream mean

【Dream meaning】The dream that storm blows down the house

① Disaster and misfortune will fall on the residents of the house.
② The property of the house is scattered.
③ Pay attention to liver diseases (interpretation that the wind is the liver and the house is the human body).

【Dream meaning】A dream that wind hits clothes in storm and is involved

The person gets sick. Clothes are a symbol of the person wearing them

Definitive edition Yume Meiji Encyclopedia by Tatsuhiko Fuji, published by Gakkensha

A wind-blown dream, a storm dream, is a warning, no matter where you are malicious from others, wherever that wind blows! I think it’s good to spend that feeling.

A person who is malicious to others is a person who spends wasted time spending time on others.
You don’t have to stick to that person.

【Dream interpretation】 A dream that the wind blows hard, it is better to make a rest period when you see the storm

Even in the real world, if a typhoon blows violently, we refrain from going out and wait for the typhoon to overshoot.

Everyone has a good time and a bad time. When the wind is bad, it’s best to rest and wait.

The following is an excerpt of a tornado dream from a dream meaning dictionary.

A tornado represents the same power as a typhoon, but if anything, the tornado shows stronger power.

【Dream meaning】A dream in which a tornado appears from the sky

Shows your deep fear.

【Dream meaning】A dream in which multiple tornados appear from the sky

I’m in a state where I can’t control my emotions.

【Dream meaning】A dream in which a tornado appears from bottom to top

It is full of power. Go in the direction of good luck.

【Dream meaning】A dream where two tornadoes collide

Trouble with acquaintance occurs. Also, please be aware that the more damage the surroundings caused by the collision of two tornadoes, the more people will be involved.

【Dream meaning】typhoon

A typhoon has the power to express your power and change your luck. It is also a dream that shows unexpected happenings.
A dream approaching a typhoon represents the power to change the flow of luck.

Those who have been unlucky until now are shown to recover, and those who have been so lucky are shown to have poor luck.
A dream swallowed by a typhoon represents an unexpected happening. The dream that the typhoon disappears implies a reduction in that person’s power.

Dream Diagnosis Akira Matsumoto, Shufu no Tomosha Publishing

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