When you’re on the verge of getting into trouble in the real world, you often go on a rampage or have a dream that you’re going to be devastated.

stormy dream

There are many situations in the real world where you can be angry but endure without getting angry.
That’s because I think it’s easier and better to suppress your own emotions.

However, if you put yourself down and restrain yourself, if you do not release stress somewhere and match your balance, you will distort yourself.

When you have a dream of a rampage or a dream of attacking in trouble, it is better to consciously release your stress.
It is true that patience is poison to the body.

Freud, who laid the foundation for interpreting dreams, said that “dreams” should be looked at to fulfill their desires.

To be rampaged in a dream is to have a desire to be rampaged in reality.

★ The meaning of a dream

stormy dream
I’m full of the feeling that I want to rampage your own essence, but in reality, doing it can endure my work or break my relationships, so I’m patient .
Patience is at the limit of being rampaged in a dream! There is a meaning of the warning.

I’m trying to balance by being rampaged in my dreams, but I’m still stressed.

It’s better mentally to admit your desire to be violent and stressed, and to actually release the stress.

It’s a good idea to do some direct stress relief, preferably on a day off or after work.

Use your body to radiate your desire to beat, even in the real world.

The simplest and most natural way to relieve stress is simply to move the body.

For example, hitting a straight ball that is easy to hit at the batting center.
For example, try hitting with a gamer punching machine.
For example, try punching all the way to the cushion in the house with all your might.
I think that it is best to practice such a simple stress relief method.

dream mean

The following is an excerpt from the dream interpretation dictionary.

A dream of being thrown up and rampaging is a precursor to emotional explosion.

It implies that interpersonal issues will become apparent.

This is a feeling that has been suppressed in reality is about to be released in a dream.

It indicates that even if you continue to hide your dissatisfaction and continue your relationship, you are in a situation where it is no longer easy.

Don’t overdo your anger, radiate little by little.

It implies that if someone is injured by violence in a dream, then money issues will be involved.

Yume Taizen by Mademoiselle Seitosha Publishing

If you have a dream to be rampaged, it’s good to admit your desire to be rampaged and move your body to release stress.

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