Dreams of sweets have patterns of both good dreams and nightmares.

The first half will explain good dream patterns, and the second half will explain nightmare patterns.

The first is a description of a good dream pattern.

Practice [Dream meaning] When I try to dream a dream of eating sweets I saw

In my case, I had the dream of eating honey over vegetables.

By the way, the dream of eating vegetables means that the person who dreamed of that dream is interested in health.

You know what you want depending on the type of food you were eating.
Fruit seeks sensuality and meat expresses an animal desire.

A dream of eating vegetables indicates that you are interested in health.

Eating a little sweets in your dreams represents a situation where your life is going well and you are trying to get other good things.

The dream of presenting sweets to another person shows that the relationship with that person is better.

The following is a nightmare pattern.

[Dream meaning] A dream to buy sweets

The dream of buying sweets, cakes, chocolates, and other sweets is a sign of dissatisfaction with the current situation.

I’m not motivated because I’m not in the situation I want.

The following is a sketch of the sweet part of a dream book.

It’s a fun dream, but it shows anxiety.

Someday you will have a fight with a certain person … Such anxiety is rooted.

Just as the anxiety indicates, that person will disturb you.

[Dream meaning] Eat sweets

Eating sweets is a sign of dissatisfaction.

Even though there is no great misfortune or accident to collect, it is not interesting to do anything and tends to be grumpy. It seems that they have a desire to stimulate daily life.

However, the situation will not change unless you move positively.

Excerpt from Saitosha, made by Mademoiselle Ai

Freud, the landlord of dream meaning, explained that he would see “dreams” to fulfill his wishes.

Eating sweet things in my dreams means having a desire to eat sweet things.

It is best to directly satisfy your desires, so it is good to eat sweet things in the real world.

[Dream meaning] Cause of dream of eating sweets

As for the real world, there is data that eating sweets can be positive.

The following is an excerpt of the data on the necessity of taking sweets from the page of the National Agriculture and Livestock Industry Promotion Organization.

Glucose and glycogen cannot be stored in the brain, and because the amount of glycogen stored in the muscle and liver is limited, it is necessary to constantly take sugar from the diet to prevent the blood sugar level from falling too low. ..

In order to supply energy efficiently, it is necessary to eat three times a day, and for children with high brain energy consumption, not only meals but also moderate snacks are required.

Ingestion of sugar increases serotonin, one of the neurotransmitters in the brain.

By the way, serotonin has the effect of increasing concentration.

As mentioned above, the glucose component contained in sweets such as sweets is an important element to help Noh work.

Having a dream of eating sweets means that the body probably wants to eat sweets.

Therefore, the dream of eating sweets can be said to be a dream when there is a desire to eat sweets.

[Dream meaning] Dream of eating sweets Bad pattern

You can have a desire to eat sweets when stress increases.
Try your own self-analysis.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable and stressed, you were eating sweets in your dreams to escape stress.

Again, eat something really sweet in the real world. (Because my body wants something sweet)

In addition to that, it is good to analyze what is causing the stress, and to think about a coping method.

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