If you dream of a tidal wave when you feel that the current situation will not change, it means that you have a desire to change the current situation.

A dream of a tidal wave may predict that your life will change at once.

It doesn’t just mean that your environment will get worse, it could be a change that will change your environment for the better.

A tidal wave dream is a dream of change.

The dream of tidal waves is not a very good dream for those who think they are happy now, but it is a good dream for those who are in a bad environment.

A tidal wave dream is a dream that you often see when your environment changes drastically.

Circumstances may change in unpredictable ways, such as a couple getting divorced or a major career change.

It doesn’t just show bad things.

It indicates a big change that is coming to you.

A dream in which you meet a tidal wave indicates that the environment and the current situation surrounding you are changing rapidly.

A dream in which you see a tidal wave from afar or a dream in which you escape from a tidal wave indicates that you can respond calmly to changes in your surroundings.

A dream in which you are drowning in a tidal wave represents a life crisis or a mental crisis.

If you get hit by a tidal wave, everything will be washed away. So it’s a bad dream for those who are content with their current life.

However, tidal wave dreams are good dreams for those who want to start over.

If you dream of a tidal wave when you feel that the current situation will not change, it means that you have a desire to change the current situation.

Dreams are strange things. American psychologist Gyung classified dreams into several types.

There is a category called prophetic dreams.

If you dream of a tidal wave and the surrounding environment actually changes, it is a prophetic dream.

However, if you interpret dreams with the FREUD concept, which analyzes dreams with desires, you can interpret dreams that the desire to change the current situation is a tidal wave and appears in the dream.

There are many interpretations of dream analysis for the same dream. And it is your own interpretation whether it is a prophetic dream or a change based on your own desires.

If you feel a change in your surroundings, it is a prophetic dream.

If you have the desire to change everything, then you have the energy to make a big difference.

Below are my notes when I actually saw the tidal wave.

the tidal wave is coming right in front of my rented oceanfront apartment. Close the window and lock it.

Lower the shutter. I’m in a hurry and it’s not going well.

Open the window again and pull down the shutter.

While worrying about shoes and clothes, even though the tidal wave is approaching, I choose what I need in a strangely calm manner.

shoes are suitable. Hoping for an evacuation app, I rode my bicycle to a high hill.

Thinking that it can’t be helped if I lose my luggage, I proceed.

That’s all for the tidal wave dream notes I saw.

Analyzing the dream above, the dream itself is a tidal wave, but I am calm about dealing with the tidal wave, and I am calmly escaping using what I can use, so my condition is good. I understand.

It is a dream that predicts that the surroundings will change, so it is important to deal with it calmly.

If you dream of a tidal wave, think about how you dealt with it, and if you didn’t handle it well, you should live with the feeling of dealing with it in the real world.

Freud, a psychiatrist, preached that “dreams” are seen to stabilize the mental state.

Seeing a tidal wave in a dream means that the spirit is reflected.

Dreaming of tidal waves is not a good dream for those who live a life of drowning.

In your current day-to-day life, isn’t it possible that you are being swept away by a large force and are unable to reflect your intentions?

It’s good to be conscious of the stress and think of it as a rest period for a while.

To dream of a tidal wave indicates that you will lose everything in an instant.

However, if you find yourself in financial trouble or in a difficult position at work, it means that you can put everything back to nothing and start over.
Also, the dream of tidal waves is that worries disappear or happiness disappears.

A dream of running away from a tidal wave is a good dream.

Dreaming of tidal waves makes you feel uneasy.

However, knowing the meaning of the tidal wave dream will give you peace of mind.

Basically, you should expect bad changes to come when you dream of tidal waves.

Your surroundings won’t change, but if you can deal with it calmly, you’ll be fine.

To dream of a tidal wave represents a change or turning point in your life.

If you were able to evacuate to a higher place before the tidal wave came in your dream, it means that you will be able to survive the coming changes.

A tidal wave dream is a dream you see when the environment or climate changes dramatically, or when the situation surrounding you is changeable.

Changes in the environment and the severity of changes in the surroundings often appear in dreams, so don’t worry too much.

Something big may happen to you in the near future.

But if something happens to you, look at your situation objectively.

Life has changes. No one can avoid it.

You are about to enter a time of great change.

You may be surprised by the change in your feelings.

But major changes in the environment are beyond your control.

So you have to accept it, not try to prevent it.

When you dream of tidal waves, the important thing for you is to decide what to do with the changes.

A dream in which a tidal wave rushes in depends on how you dealt with the tidal wave.

A tidal wave is trouble that will happen to you from now on.

If you have been swallowed by a tidal wave in your dream, it is better to prepare yourself mentally with the attitude that you will be prepared for some kind of trouble to occur in the future, and to deal with it properly. .

The dream of a tidal wave with dirty water or mixed wood in your dream indicates that the person you trusted is the most untrustworthy person.

It is possible that you believe a person who says something good, but turns out to be a lie when you open the lid.

If this continues, other important relationships will also be affected.

Let’s look back often to see if there are any people who come to mind.

On the contrary, a dream in which a tidal wave of clean water rushes in indicates that profits will come.

You will earn more than you expected from your work and hobbies.

The bigger the tidal wave, the stronger its meaning.

A tidal wave in a dream may reflect your relationships.

The dream of encountering a tidal wave may reflect the anxiety that you will have a bad relationship. This is also one of the environmental changes around you.

If you have frequent tidal wave dreams, you may just be reminded of a tidal wave news you saw in the past.

Dreaming of tidal waves also indicates the possibility of new friendships in your life, but it can also indicate your insecurities in your relationships.

To dream of a tidal wave symbolizes sudden changes in your surroundings or feelings, anxiety, stress, and a sudden surge of passion.

To dream of tidal waves indicates that big changes and troubles are coming.

A dream that you can escape from a tidal wave indicates that you can overcome environmental changes and troubles with your calm judgment.

A dream in which a town is destroyed by a tidal wave indicates that you will experience a major shock or change in values.

The dream of being saved from a tidal wave indicates that you have power and that you have the opportunity to try new things.
To dream of helping someone with a tidal wave indicates that your previous efforts will pay off.

Dreaming of escaping from a tidal wave also indicates that you have power.

The dream of being helped by someone on the tidal wave means that your efforts will be rewarded with the cooperation and help of those around you.

If there is someone who can help you in the future, don’t hesitate to rely on them.
Being helped in a dream means that you have a latent desire to be helped.
In such a case, it is better to get help.
I’m sure it will go in the right direction.

Finally, I will explain how to respond to environmental changes.

There is a method called reframing, which is a psychological method to change the way you perceive environmental changes.

Reframing is about recapturing the current feeling from a different angle.
This method is used in sports psychology, educational psychology, and clinical psychology.

The key to reframing is to start by recognizing what you feel once.

If there is something you are not good at, first recognize it as something you are not good at, and then look at it from a different angle and find out what you can do.

As a reframing step, there is a step of recognizing the event as it is, recapturing the recognized event from various angles, and making it within the scope of control when recapturing.

Doing this reframing will make you less stressed.

After having a dream of a flood, a change has occurred in you, so I hope you reframe.

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